Top 10 Best Dog Toys for Huskies

You are reading best dog toys for huskies. Undoubtedly, huskies are among the most attractive dog breeds, and their owners would concur five times over. They are one of the most sought-after dog breeds thanks to their amazing coat and eyes. These puppies will become agitated if their energy is not properly released. To keep your Siberian Husky occupied for hours, it’s crucial to stock your arsenal with the greatest toys. 

There are several possibilities, including fetching toys versus chewing toys, and both should be considered. If you have a Husky, you know how important it is to strike the ideal balance between their outgoing demeanor and playful nature. You may read in-depth descriptions of a few of our top best dog toys for huskies below that will direct you in the right direction and keep your Husky occupied for a long time.

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Choosing the best dog toys for huskies requires understanding its characteristics. The way their interest translates into playing depends on their personality. Huskies are gregarious, lively, and intelligent animals! When compared to certain other dogs, these three characteristics have a considerable impact on how they play. Huskies enjoy playing with others. They often dislike spending a lot of time alone. When selecting a toy for your Husky, keep these characteristics in mind. They will enjoy playing with interactive toys with you.

Given that this breed is among the most intelligent in its category, you should pick a toy that will keep their minds engaged. The final point worth mentioning is that Huskies enjoy dismantling stuff. Therefore, even though it can seem nice to buy a puzzle toy consisting of plenty of soft plush stuff, Huskies are not the best choice because they could easily damage it.

A Quick Glance at Our Favorite Best Dog Toys For Huskies (2023 Picks)

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The 10 Best Dog Toys For Huskies

Best Dog Toys For Huskies: A ball is an ideal toy for dogs and their owners. This Kong toy is tough and constructed of a good substance for your dog’s teeth and gums. The ball is available in three sizes to accommodate Huskies of all shapes and sizes and may be used for fetch. The Kong ball’s hole in the middle allows it to act as a solitary play toy, so your dog may spend time attempting to get the treat out while you are off doing something else. This is the nicest feature of the Kong ball. The ball has a hole drilled through it so it won’t stick to your dog’s tongue. Because let’s face it, the Kong Rubber Ball extreme is a Kong; we adore it! It is strong and incredibly resistant to aggressive chewers. As with all Kongs, the coating helps clean teeth and gums, and the hole in the middle makes it simple to fill with your Husky’s preferred treat.

  • The KONG Rubber Ball Extreme is made from tough, durable rubber material that is designed to withstand rough play and chewing.
  • The ball can be easily cleaned by placing it in the dishwasher.
  • The KONG Rubber Ball Extreme is heavier than many other dog toys, which may make it difficult for smaller dogs to pick up and carry.

Best Interactive Toys For Siberian Husky: Because it challenges their intelligence, this toy is the best Husky toy. Since Huskies may be fairly destructive when playing, they must be extremely durable. They will be tested as your dog searches for the squirrels while you hide them in various areas. These toys are perfect for dogs who want to play games with their owners and interact socially. Because most Huskies will keep searching until they have located every squirrel you have managed to conceal, this toy will help keep them from getting bored. We adore how this toy challenges your dog and is a terrific thinking game. When you’re not around, the stimulation will keep your Husky occupied. This is crucial because Huskies have a reputation for causing damage if they aren’t entertained. It is quite durable and requires little maintenance.

  • The Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel is an interactive puzzle toy that can provide mental stimulation and entertainment for dogs.
  • The toy has a cute and playful design, with a plush tree trunk and squeaky squirrels, which can be appealing to dogs and their owners.
  • May not be challenging enough for all dogs: Some dogs may quickly figure out how to get the squirrels out of the tree trunk, making the toy less challenging over time.

Mental Stimulation For Huskies: You could get your Husky a chew toy if you want to ditch the expensive toys and opt for something more sensible. Huskies enjoy chewing, so keeping them occupied while you are away will prevent them from becoming destructive. These antlers are a distinctive choice; they have a natural flavor and come in various sizes. These are terrific nutritional treats for your dog since the bone marrow in them gives them calcium, phosphorus, and zinc. This chew toy option’s all-natural composition means it doesn’t have any artificial flavors or colors, which is something we like. It’s a fantastic option for chewy Huskies that become lonely during the day. This toy option’s natural composition and 100% money-back promise appeal to us. Given that the Husky is an aggressive chewer, it must perform incredibly well for them. It will keep your dog occupied and prevent them from developing other, more damaging behaviors.

  • Antlers are durable and can last a long time, making them a good investment for dogs who like to chew.
  • Unlike some other natural chews, elk antlers do not have a strong odor and are not messy.
  • Antlers can be heavy, making them less suitable for smaller dogs who may have difficulty carrying or holding them.

Best Chew Toys For Siberian Husky: Another fantastic alternative for dogs who prefer to chew instead of play is this bone chew with a beef flavor. Dogs may easily hold onto and bite at the toy because of its tight grip. It includes several distinct textures, so it helps them brush their teeth as they enjoy themselves. Dogs who experience separation anxiety or engage in destructive activity when left alone at home benefit greatly from these chew toys. Large dogs over 50 pounds are the target audience for this toy. I adore Nylabones. The Dura Chew’s shape is an excellent choice because it’s simple for your dog to hold with his paws. The various textures also help keep their teeth clean, a feature most toys lack. Additionally, it’s affordable, which is a plus! Always keep an eye on your dog when they are chewing to make sure they don’t get carried away and damage their teeth.

  • The Nylabone Durachew is made from tough, durable nylon material that is designed to withstand rough play and chewing.
  • The toy is available in different flavors, making it more appealing to dogs and encouraging them to chew on it
  • Some dogs may not be interested in chewing on Nylabone Durachew, making the toy less useful for those dogs.

Best Chew Toys For Huskies: This ball is more of a kickball than a typical fetch ball. You’re supposed to kick it, and your dog is supposed to chase it. They can pick it up easily because the ball has grooves. Compared to the Kong ball, this one is brightly colored in blue and orange. In case it is lost, this makes it simple to locate. We don’t see any use for this ball in solo play, but it’s perfect for cooperative play. It will only last if you allow your dog to chew on it for an extended period. The buoyant ball is available in various sizes, hues, and glow-in-the-dark varieties. We appreciate Chuckit! It is a toy designed for throwing, which is crucial considering your Husky’s expected high level of activity. The bright colors make it simple to locate, and the grooves make carrying it for your dog simple. It comes in various sizes and forms for different breeds of puppies and is excellent for interactive play.

  • The Chuckit! Kick Fetch ball is an interactive toy that can provide mental and physical stimulation for dogs and their owners.
  • The large size of the ball makes it easy to kick and throw, providing a fun and engaging activity for dogs and their owners.
  • The large size of the ball may be too big for smaller dogs, making it less suitable for those breeds.

Toys For Huskies: This selection bundle of ropes from Otterly Pets is one of the top toys for huskies. Giving huskies many toy options for the price of one will keep them occupied for months because they are highly intelligent animals. Five rope toys are included in this package, which is made for tug-of-war and retrieves games. Each rope is composed entirely of cotton. Dogs can safely use this material, which may even aid in keeping their gums and teeth clean. Although all the toys are machine washable, some more aggressive chewers could have trouble with them.

  • Five distinct toys
  • Affordable
  • Natural cotton is a fantastic game-related material.
  • Washable in a machine
  • Unsuitable for those who chew quickly
  • Supervision necessary

Mental Stimulation For Huskies: Finding inexpensive dog toys for huskies can be challenging because less expensive items frequently don’t hold up over time. According to our tests, this Dura Play Ball from Hartz, available in various shapes, sizes, and colors, is the best toy for huskies you can buy. The ball has a scent that will pique your Husky’s interest but is unpleasant to people. Even heavy chewers should be able to withstand the larger size. The firm latex used to make these balls is gentle on teeth while still strong. The squeaker inside keeps them mentally active, though some may be scared of the noise.

  • Durable
  • Various sizes and shapes
  • Bacon-scented
  • Consists of a squeaker
  • Odor to humans
  • Squeaker makes some dogs nervous.

Best Treats For Huskies: Every husky owner is aware of their dog’s intelligence. This Starmark Treat Dispensing Toy, which resembles a jigsaw and is filled with mouthwatering goodies, is a great way to keep their husky mentally and physically occupied. Although the toy is available in two sizes, we advise purchasing the large version for Huskies. It is also a sensible investment for huskies that eat quickly because you can put their food inside, and the kibble will be delivered gradually while they play. Although uncommon, some dogs may be too aggressive for this toy and tear it apart to get at the treats. It must be used under supervision because it can also be caught in furniture or corners.

  • Physical and mental exercise
  • Is also a sluggish feeder
  • Increases playtime
  • Needs to be supervised
  • Pricey
  • Some canines tear it apart to get rewards.

Best Toys For Bored Huskies: All dogs enjoy chewing, but Husky puppies can sometimes go beyond. This dog chew from TOYS is one of the best toys for young huskies. Its safe, non-toxic nylon construction encourages tooth health while they chew. Additionally, it lasts a lot longer than customary chewy treats. Though the toy has a 12-month warranty, the compact size is fantastic for puppies but less terrific for adults than the maker promises. Even so, it’s not extremely resistant to more vigorous chewers.

  • Non-toxic nylon material
  • Maintains tooth health and is more durable than most other chews
  • Small Not for chewers who are abrasive

Best Toys For Husky Puppies: You’ll need to develop original strategies for stimulating their minds if you have an intelligent dog, like a husky. One of the more challenging dog puzzles you’ll encounter is this one. It may be used as a slow feeder and has 12 distinct compartments that can be filled with food. Any size or age dog can use it, and you can make it more challenging by putting white blocks in the compartments in place of goodies. However, some dogs, particularly huskies, need help finding the problem too simple. Additionally, you must keep an eye on the children playing because some plastic components are simple to chew and may present a choking risk.

  • Boosting the mind
  • Also a slow-feeder Drawbacks
  • Some dogs find it too simple, so exercise caution.
  • Plastic objects aren't robust.

Client's Guide (Best Dog Toys For Huskies)

It would help if you were looking for a few things regarding best dog toys for huskies, as we’ve said throughout the post. When this breed is left alone with toys and grows bored, they tend to destroy things quickly. Make sure the toy you choose is both long-lasting and suitable for play. Before letting your dog go mad with their new toy, there are several things you need to think about, but some are more crucial than others. The following are some of the most crucial features to consider when buying the best dog toys for huskies.

Toy Objective

It would be best if you had a purpose before purchasing best dog toys for huskies. Is the game intended for both of you to play? Is it intended to occupy your dog while you are away? Or is it meant to aid his brain and cognitive abilities’ development? Always consider the item’s objective because every toy has a purpose. Giving your Husky the wrong toy at the wrong time could lead to boredom or even destructive behavior, which puts them in danger of hurting themselves.

Chew vs. Fetch

Each best dog toys for huskies has a specific function, as we’ve already mentioned, but some toys are multifunctional, which is always useful. When a chew toy like a bone or antler is compared to a normal fetch toy like a ball, we can see that some of them can be utilized for both purposes. The majority of the time, balls are interactive toys designed for play between you and your dog. Your Husky will only be able to gnaw on these while sitting there all day because they are not very sturdy. On the other hand, you can play together by using bones as a throwing toy and a terrific chew toy.

Toy Content

While your dog is playing, the toy’s durability will depend on the material it is constructed of. The likelihood is that they will destroy the toy before they ever have a chance to play with it if it is made of soft material, as many noisy toys are. If you must choose a plush toy as the best dog toys for huskies, like some puzzle toys, choose one that offers a full refund. Many toys that make the unbreakable claim come with a lifetime warranty that covers replacement or money back if your dog chews it up.

Avoid Toys & Materials

Some toys are not designed for big dogs with powerful jaws. This breed may quickly destroy a soft plush toy, endangering their health and creating a mess throughout the house. Click here to learn more about some of the riskiest dog toys for your Husky.

Soft toys

You should avoid giving your dog these toys, or at least offer them to them under supervision because eating components like cotton can lead to digestive problems and pain.

Deafening Toys

Huskies may chew through the toy as they try to find the source of the squeaking because they view everything as a game. When they discover it, they might chew it or consume it, which could result in several issues.


When purchasing new toys, it’s crucial to consider your Husky’s playing habits. You must base your decisions on their demands and preferred methods of play if they require more physical exercise or are a little more brain-demanding.


Huskies are not the smallest dog breed, but they are not the largest. The breed’s tendency to chew and destroy toys is unaffected by size, whether larger or smaller. Due to their increased durability and decreased risk of choking, you’ll almost certainly need to get a larger size for your dog.

Mental Exercise

It’s no secret that huskies are among the world’s smartest canines. Sadly, this means they are easily bored and prone to disruptive behavior. The finest toys for huskies are those that stimulate their minds. You might occasionally alter the riddles you provide to ensure they are always challenged.

Husky Qualities

Huskies are the definition of a man’s best friend because they are a devoted, affectionate, and wonderful company. Despite their reputation, they are among the smartest breeds. They can sometimes be incredibly cunning and see right through your instructions or training efforts.

As you choose the best dog toys for huskies, take into account some typical Husky characteristics:

Smart: Regarding intelligence, Siberian Huskies typically lead the pack—these canines are as smart as they are adorable! It would be best to choose a toy that mentally challenges your child.

Sassy: With intelligence comes sass—Huskies tend to be so intelligent that they occasionally have more strong opinions than the typical dog. Keeping these mischievous dogs’ minds engaged is essential because they frequently have their methods of doing things.

Playful: Huskies enjoy having fun! They are bred to be energetic and enjoy themselves. A combination of interesting puzzle toys and toys that encourage mobility in your dog could be something to think about.

The Qualities of a Husky Dog Toy

It would be best if you kept a few things in mind when looking for a toy for your cherished dog. Think about your wants and the needs of your dog. For instance, do you want a toy to play with together or something to occupy your Husky when you’re gone all day?

The following elements should be taken into account when looking for the best dog toys for huskies:

Engaging: Look for a toy that will hold your dog’s interest for longer. You should get a puzzle toy with adjustable difficulty levels to keep things interesting and test your dog’s intelligence.

Long-Lasting: Huskies need toy durability because they love to tear them up even more than other dogs do. To have hours of pleasure, you should choose a toy constructed of durable materials.

Safe: Always check reviews to be sure the toys you buy for your dog are secure. If your dog likes to trash plush animals, be careful to take away the squeakers since you don’t want him to eat the plastic or suffocate.

Fun: Your dog should enjoy playing, so when you look for toys, remember his favorite pastimes. It never hurts to try something new, even though you may always choose a toy that will appeal to favorites like fetch.

Questions and Answers (Best Dog Toys For Huskies)

Which toy is ideal for my Husky?

Since every dog is unique and has unique tendencies, there is no right or wrong response in this situation. You might experiment with a variety of toys to find what works. Avoid giving your Husky soft toys and instead give him something that won’t fall apart quickly if he has destructive tendencies and struggles to be left alone.

What is the best activity item for my Husky to play with while I'm away?

Great question. The ideal toys for Huskies that are bored engage their minds and offer them something to work toward. This doesn’t need to be a unique puzzle toy; it may simply be a tablespoon of peanut butter rolled into a ball. Your dog may have to work hours to get the peanut butter out, but they will enjoy every second of it.

What Husky puppy toys are the best?

Any toys mentioned above are acceptable for huskies as long as they aren’t too small or large for them. When selecting chew toys for your dog, keep their age in mind. Bone fragments are susceptible to coming loose and becoming lodged in the throat. When selecting toys for Husky puppies, it is essential to seek advice from a veterinarian. You can also read our post that lists our picks for the best toys for teething puppies.

Conclusion For The Best Dog Toys For Huskies

If you don’t have many toys for your pet Husky, these reviews help you understand what’s out there. The Otterly Pets rope set, which includes five different best dog toys for huskies in one package, is our choice for the finest overall dog toy. The Hartz Scented Dog Toy is inexpensive and stimulating for your dog if you are on a tight budget.

Finally, the Starmark Interactive best dog toys for huskies is the best option if you can afford something of higher quality to keep them occupied for several hours. Whatever you decide, your Husky will be overjoyed to have some new toys in the house. Your dog should be watched when playing with toys to avoid over-chewing or ingesting foreign objects.

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