Top 9 Best Dog Toy for German Shepherd

Looking for the best dog toy for german shepherd for your German Shepherd dog, whether they are a puppy or an older dog? Owning a German Shepherd is fairly common. They are adorable as well as lively and lovable. These wonderful dogs are happiest in extraordinary circumstances, and the ideal environments necessitate the best dog toy for german shepherd. Particularly service dogs, German Shepherds are known for being careless with their teeth. Later issues involving crowns or root canals may result from this. If you don’t choose your toys carefully, you’ll have to pay for these very high vet costs.

A few dog toys stand out from the crowd based on your dog’s age, whether you’re ready to become the proud owner of a German Shepherd or want to increase your pet’s playtime. We’ll examine the best toys for your German Shepherd as they grow from a puppy to an adult.

A Quick Glance at Our Favorite Best Dog Toy For German Shepherd (2023 Picks)

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The 9 Best Dog Toy For German Shepherd

KONG is a well-known best dog toy for german shepherd brand that has existed for a long time. They are particularly well-known for producing extremely durable best german shepherd toys with strong jaws, such as many German Shepherds. We had high expectations for the Extreme Goodie Bone, given this knowledge. The ends had holes that let you insert treats and appeared quite sturdy. We adored this feature because it keeps your dog busy for a considerable time as they attempt to extract the treats. Once they do, it remains a fantastic chew toy that our dogs enjoy lying into.


Unfortunately, the middle of this toy is constructed from a softer substance than the stronger ends. As a result, the center was damaged after a short period, and this problem was reproduced in a future purchase. Despite being made for heavy chewers, in our experience, it couldn’t withstand the punishment. Additionally, it’s an expensive chew toy for something that will only last a few days, which is why it doesn’t make our list of the top three chew toys.

  • Quite robust for heavy chewers
  • Slits for placing snacks
  • More softly than the ends are the middles.
  • Costly considering what you receive

Best toys for german shepherd: Five distinct rope-based best dog toy for german shepherd are available in a box from Pets&Goods. We adore the adaptability rope toys provide, especially with so many options. Chewing on one of these toys can amuse your dog, and you can also use them to play with it. Despite having five toys, this set is inexpensive. However, it’s not as tough as the Otterly Pets 5-toy bundle, which received our third-place rating, and won’t last as long. These were significantly thinner, and within a few days, they began to fray. Some of them were destroyed during the first week because they couldn’t withstand constant chewing. Even at this low price, we prefer to see thicker ropes used. Ultimately, we advise investing a little more money in the set from Otterly Pets that will last longer.

  • Affordable
  • Not very resilient
  • Smaller than ideal

Best toy for german shepherd: We’re searching for the best toy for our German Shepherds, something we can use to play with them but also keep them occupied on its own. In light of this, the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball was a perfect match and provided interactive entertainment for our dogs when used alone. It was also superior to many of the other options we tried for playing fetch with our dogs, making it an even more versatile option. The inbuilt tube noisemaker in this ball allows it to generate interactive sounds when it is interacted with. Similar to how it excited our dog, this will entice your dog to continue playing and hear those noises.

The six clutch pockets all around it make it simple for your dog to pick up, allowing them to effortlessly return it during fetch or even throw it for themselves like our dogs enjoyed doing. Since it’s not the strongest toy we give them to play with, it might soon be rendered useless by aggressive chewers. The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is at the top of our list because it was the one our dogs liked the most overall.

  • Interactive noises, when rolled or shaken, can keep your dog entertained on its own
  • Simple to pick up for your dog
  • Not the most robust choice

Best chew toys for German shepherds: We had great hopes for this chew toy because Nero Balls are used to teach police K-9s and military dogs worldwide. It turned out to be quite fragile and was demolished in minutes, even though we had assumed it would be a sturdy solution for our German Shepherds. During the first play session, the ball was destroyed. One of our smaller dogs gave the cord a few gentle tugs before it snapped. The rope allows you to toss this ball farther than a regular tennis ball, but it will only be much use as it will probably be ruined by the time it returns to your hand.

  • Can throw a ball farther than a standard ball
  • Nero's ball was shortly shattered.
  • The cable snapped after only a few tugs.

Best Chew Toys For German Shepherd Puppies: Since our dogs always adore these toys but manage to destroy them in a matter of seconds, we hoped the Monster K9 Dog Frisbee would be a Frisbee. Since this one is advertised as being unbreakable, we hoped it might withstand the aggressive gnawing of our Shepherds. Soon it was scattered across the floor in bits. Thankfully, it is completely non-toxic and harmless. We were disappointed when we first opened it to find that it needed to be more weighty and unyielding, flexible as we had anticipated. When tossed, it behaved completely differently from a Frisbee and flew more like a substantial piece of rubber. Overall a letdown; it rounds out or lists in the lowest spot and differs from what we advise.

  • Safe and non-toxic
  • lacks the lift of a Frisbee.
  • It was destroyed in a matter of days by a vigorous chewer.
  • Not flexible and heavy

Best Toys For GSD Puppy: Despite its diminutive size, the JW Pet Bad Cuz Hule best dog toy for german shepherd was one of the toughest and longest-lasting toys we examined. Although some additional sizes are available, it was too tiny for our larger Shepherds. Some of our dogs, who frequently demolish toys in a flash, were able to chew on the hard, natural rubber without breaking it down. It’s also rather bouncy, which kept our dogs entertained when they tossed it and could run after it.

The squeaker inside the Bad Cuz best dog toy for german shepherd is highly durable and has withstood repeated days and weeks of chewing. Given its endurance, you might anticipate it to be expensive, but we found it among the least expensive toys we tested, making it one of the best dog toy for german shepherd overall in terms of value.

  • Not that expensive
  • Extremely tough
  • Natural rubber tough squeaker keeps your dog entertained
  • A little too compact for huge dogs

Best Chew Treats For German Shepherd Puppies: We always prefer toys with a variety of uses. These requirements are significantly met by the Otterly Pets dog rope toys 5-pack, earning it our premium choice recommendation. The greater price of this item becomes much more acceptable when you consider that it comes with five different rope toys. There are other ways to play with each item as well. We like to play tug of war with our dogs, and many of the dogs we know and love also enjoy it. If given a chance, dogs will even play with each other!

These rope toys are fantastic for keeping your dog entertained when playing alone and with you and other dogs. Additionally, they brush your dog’s teeth and massage its gums to promote good health. You can be sure that they won’t harm your dog because they are entirely natural. One of the toys’ plastic components was easily bitten off, but since there are four different toys and a lifetime warranty covers them, this wasn’t a huge concern.

  • Gum massage and teeth cleaning
  • Washable
  • Natural guarantee for life
  • Many ways to play with your pet
  • It is simple to chew off plastic components.
  • One of the pricey possibilities

Best German Shepherd Puppy Toys: We generally enjoy giving our dogs chew toys so we can play fetch with them. They must be quite robust to withstand the rigors of being a fetch ball and a chew toy. We had high expectations for the Chew King retrieve balls to meet these demands but were let down by their poor durability. Despite being composed of natural rubber, which is known to be extremely durable, our strongest chewers quickly destroyed these balls. Additionally, some of our testers found it difficult to toss these for the distance required to exercise our four-legged pals due to their weight.

The Chew King balls have holes that let you tuck treats inside the toy so your dog will be entertained. This will keep your dog entertained for a long time as it tries to get at the goodie inside before being rewarded for its perseverance. Unfortunately, these balls fell so far down our ranking because they needed to be more readily broken into bits to last for many rounds of this enjoyment.

  • Has openings for a treat
  • Resilient natural rubber
  • Not robust enough for aggressive chewers
  • Very difficult to retrieve Tears into little fragments

Best Dog Toys For German Shepherd Puppies: Although we don’t typically think of Nerf regarding best dog toy for german shepherd, we chose to investigate their rubber football squeaker toy. It’s noticeable, which is perfect for fetch games. Even better, entertaining your dog won’t break the bank and will be incredibly inexpensive. However, on the first day, our dogs removed the squeaker from the toy. It didn’t produce the sound our dogs adore, but it was still good for fetching and chewing. Additionally, it was considerably smaller than we had anticipated, and we believed it to be a little too tiny for our largest Shepherds. After some time, substantial bits started to come loose that can present a risk to your dog if ingested

  • Strongly noticeable
  • Cheap
  • Can be harmful if ingested in chunks
  • Dogs easily remove the squeaker.
  • A far smaller than anticipated

Client's Guide (Best Dog Toy For German Shepherd)

Best dog toy for german shepherd come in various forms, dimensions, hues, and materials these days. Pet owners frequently try to choose the cutest or most eye-catching toy for their dogs. Even though it’s all in good fun, and we know you mean well, there may be better methods for picking out toys for your dog. German Shepherds require the correct kinds of toys, or else their chewing won’t be satisfying and they won’t be able to exercise those tendencies. After that, they may start chewing on other things, like your shoes or furniture. Depending on how well-trained they are, they can get frustrated instead of chewing on things. The factors you should consider when selecting toys for your German Shepherd are listed below.

Plastic Toys

The materials the toy is made of should be your top priority when choosing one for your German Shepherd. If you purchase the right materials, your toy will endure longer than a day. Rubber is the best material to make German Shepherd toys. Rubber is strong and practically unbreakable, at least to dogs. Because rubber is so durable, your dog will adore chewing on it. No need to worry about them getting left out in the yard because they hold up nicely in all types of weather. Cleaning them is simple; all you need is a little warm water and soap to get the job done.

Rope Games

Another excellent toy for German Shepherds is a rope, but only if the rope is of great quality. Some very robust, sturdy rope toys are great for tug-of-war games and chewing. Its thickness will reveal its strength; the thicker, the better. Large knots will be tied across the best rope toys multiple times. These knots maintain their strength and give your dog something to concentrate on. Choosing a rope composed of natural fibers devoid of dyes is also recommended. This merely improves the toy for your dog without running the risk of toxic exposure. These things must be taken into account if they intend to ingest it.

Small Size

Your veterinarian may have mentioned the size of the bones or chew toys you buy for your dog. These are issues that many pet owners worry about as well. This is due to the risk of choking presented by small toys. Given that, size is important, which is why such a wide variety of best dog toy for german shepherd, treats, and bones are available on the market. Think about the size of a bone that a Chihuahua owner might purchase. You wouldn’t buy your giant German Shepherd the same bone since he will want to swallow it whole. Your toys need to be the right size. Please don’t get your GSD a toy that completely fits into his mouth. His toys shouldn’t be small enough for him to swallow, and you should feel comfortable leaving him alone with them.

Shape and Texture

Bad things happen to your belongings when a dog is bored. Maintain your interest! Even if you discover a toy that your dog adores, you shouldn’t stop there. Just as you wouldn’t buy your child the same toy repeatedly, you shouldn’t subject your dog to more of the same. Change it up. Numerous rubber toys are available in a wide range of shapes and textures. Everything is available, from a smooth rubber bone to a spikey rubber ball. Your GSD will enjoy perusing his selections and interacting with various surfaces and shapes. You can also discover that certain toys are better for sitting and chewing while others are better for throwing and fetching. You can choose what works best for you and your dog.

Safety Poorly designed best dog toy for german shepherd have brought on numerous deaths, most often due to choking or poisoning. It would help if you always put safety first, even though you might not want to think about it. The largest choking hazards are objects with small fragments, so stay away from them. As tiny pieces of objects that are too simple to break can quickly snag in your animal’s intestines or throat, you should likewise avoid using them.


When it comes to toys, every dog has their tastes. Some dog owners use the “shotgun” method, purchasing various toys until they locate one that the dog likes. Although this strategy has potential, it is a time and resource waster. Even though some trial and error are inevitable, understanding the preferred toys for your dog can help you save time. You should set a positive example for your dog if they wait to take to their toy. To establish a good mental association, you could, for instance, play a game of “tug of war” with the toy.

Things To Avoid In Best Dog Toy For German Shepherd

German Shepherd owners should skip these dog toys altogether rather than spend all their money attempting to perfect them. The first of these is a plush toy of any kind. With this breed, stuffed creatures are destined to fail. This cannot be very reassuring for pet owners because they are inexpensive and available in so many lovely designs. Plush toys are designed to be ripped apart and destroyed the moment they enter the house, contrary to what you may believe. They won’t become your dog’s greatest friend to sleep with like your old teddy bear. You’ll have to deal with the cleanup, which is in addition to being a complete waste of money. Stuffing fills plush toys, and you can quickly locate this stuffing everywhere. Some of these also have squeakers; for your GSD’s health, you shouldn’t allow them to eat the stuffing or the squeaker together.

Every owner of a German Shepherd Dog should be concerned about their budget. These canines are not affordable. Fortunately, you may often find best dog toy for german shepherd among the most affordable items to buy for your canine friend. This is crucial since you’ll need to set aside money for your German Shepherd’s food cost, a harness for walking, dog crates, dog beds that are the right size for German Shepherds, and more.

What to Look for When Buying German Shepherd Toys

We’ll provide advice on picking the ideal toys for your adult dog or puppy now that you understand why having toys for your German Shepherd is crucial.

Putting safety first

Safety is unquestionably at the top of the list of factors to consider when buying new best dog toy for german shepherd. The toys you select should be strong, resilient, and constructed of safe, non-toxic materials. Any toys with loose strings, buttons, or other small parts that your dog might eventually ingest or choke on should be avoided.

The Dimensions Matter

Think about your German Shepherd’s age and size while choosing toys. While puppies need much smaller toys, larger dogs need larger, more robust toys. If you offer a large dog a little toy, it will soon destroy it and might even choke on it.

Listen for the Squeakers

Squeaker toys and other alternatives to noisy toys can be entertaining and stimulating for your dog. Still, as a dog owner, you should ensure that the dog’s primary objective isn’t to locate and destroy the toy’s squeaker mechanism. Ensure they are properly watched to help avoid any accidents if you give your dog a squeaky toy during playtime.


The best dog toy for german shepherd, especially a chew toy, is not intended to live forever, as we previously stated. However, you can save some money on replacement expenses by choosing the most durable best dog toy for german shepherd you can locate. For dedicated chewers, this will be a tough task. In general, you should opt for thick objects built of durable materials and comprise one solid piece.

Taste and Smell

These things may not matter much to us, yet they significantly impact your dog. Most best dog toy for german shepherd are made to be put in the dog’s mouth. Thus this factor will have a lot to do with how much they like (or despise) a particular toy. That’s why you should study these concerns carefully. Many toys are infused with a meaty taste, and it’s hard to go wrong here. At the same time, they sometimes need to do a better job reproducing the flavor and smell of real meat, leading to a product that smells artificial. The fragrance of simple rubber can appeal to certain dogs, while others will avoid it like the plague.

Extra Features

Many dog toys will add minor “gimmicks” to make the product more enticing. For instance, numerous toys can be loaded with treats, providing the dog with a challenge and a reward. The list of other characteristics you might find in the best dog toy for german shepherd is long, so we can’t cover them all. However, it is enough for you to know that these extra features are only sometimes helpful. Many of these are just marketing ploys, so ensure that any extra features will genuinely assist you or your dog.

German Shepherd Needs Exercise

While we’re talking about German shepherd dog toys, it’s necessary to understand a little bit about their exercise requirements. Large dogs like German shepherds are very active. To maintain happiness and avoid boredom, they require a lot of activity. They are known to be a little high-strung, so if there isn’t much to do to keep them occupied, they could act out destructively to attract your attention. Because of this, you should ensure your GSD has plenty of entertaining toys to keep them busy. A minimum of two hours of exercise must be provided daily for your German shepherd dog. Ideally, that entails going for walks through the neighborhood or the outdoors. It benefits you both.

Additionally, it would be best to allow time for off-leash exercise in a secure location. It’s a good idea to teach them obedience, as you should with any large breed, and you should give them some special training, as you can with the obstacle course toy we’ve mentioned below. Additionally, many vets advise against doing two hours of exercise all at once. Spreading that out across the day is a better option. Your German Shepherd will be a devoted companion who adores spending a lot of time with you playing and exploring. The toys mentioned above are a great way to spend valuable time playing with your best friend.

FAQ (Best Dog Toy For German Shepherd)

We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions about the Best Dog Toy For German Shepherd, and the best solutions are provided below.

Are German Shepherds toy lovers?

For dogs of any breed, toys are a need. They offer solace and serve as a stress and energy release. Additionally, they can help young puppies with socialization and training and adults with good oral health and mental stimulation, which are important for intelligent shepherd breeds.

How can I amuse my German Shepherd?

Like many shepherd breeds, German Shepherds have a poor tolerance for boredom by nature, which, if not appropriately supported, can result in separation anxiety and destructive tendencies. You can prevent this by giving your German Shepherd enough exercise, lots of affection and companionship, and mentally challenging play with toys and activities.

What kinds of toys enjoy German Shepherds?

At least two or three of each type of toy should be available for German Shepherds. They adore frisbees and balls, tug-of-war toys, chew toys, plush toys, and toys that challenge their thinking, such as feeders and puzzles.

Which German Shepherd toys are suitable for them?

Because they let shepherd breeds employ their innate skills for herding, “chase” toys like balls and frisbees are perennial favorites. German Shepherds are intelligent, heavy chewers; chew and puzzle toys are excellent.

Do German Shepherds eat a lot?

Due to their size and powerful jaws, German Shepherds naturally chew quite a bit. To minimize health risks and squandering your money, you should seek toys that are the right size and constructed of durable, safe materials when you buy toys for your German Shepherd. Avoid soft toys with stuffing and opt for items made of natural materials that are devoid of harmful substances like phthalates and BPA. An excellent tip is to stay away from pet goods made in China.

When should a chew toy be replaced?

Each dog will respond differently to this question. The first thing to realize is that chew toys are designed to be thrown away. Additionally, as disposable items, look for something other than one that will last a lifetime. An excellent chew toy ought to last at least a month. You can anticipate a well-made toy lasting between two and three months for dogs who aren’t extremely destructive.

Does my dog learn more from interactive toys?

There are many puzzle-style toys and interactive toys available nowadays. Most of them promise that they will aid your dog’s brain growth and increase intelligence. Given that brain teasers aid people in improving their problem-solving abilities, it stands to reason that dogs would gain the same advantages. A canine IQ test can be administered to your dog quickly, allowing you to monitor their development.

Do they lessen separation anxiety?

One of the dogs’ most prevalent behavioral issues is separation anxiety, which loneliness brings on. Dog toys can be a tremendous help, even though they won’t solve the issue entirely. Although there is no alternative for quality time with your dog, the toys should keep them entertained while you are away.

Which toys are ideal for German Shepherd puppies?

German Shepherd puppy toys should be strong yet soft enough to safeguard your puppy’s delicate gums and teeth. They must be resilient enough to fend off boredom and keep themselves entertained to satisfy their chewing needs and strengthen their jaws.

How many toys should I get for my German Shepherd?

There isn’t a predetermined limit on how many toys your German Shepherd or any dog should have. The most crucial factor is that they are secure, suitable, and actively working on their relationships with you and their physical and mental health.

Do German Shepherds and other dogs share toys?

German Shepherds typically get along with other dogs and play well with them in their own homes, so getting a second dog won’t cause too many problems. To stranger dogs, particularly those of the same sex, they can be hostile or defensive.

Will my German Shepherd rip apart every toy?

No, they shouldn’t be destroyed if you look at the tougher choices we’ve offered. More often than not, toys made of softer materials or those that are soft are destroyed by this breed. If you choose a plush toy, ensure playtime is always under adult supervision.

Should I stay away from soft or fluffy toys?

Toys that are soft or plush are not harmful to the breed. It simply implies that your dog should be watched while they play. To see if a plush toy is your dog’s favorite, we recommend testing it first. If it is, plan on having to oversee playing more frequently.

Which of these toys will entertain my dog?

All of them. Dogs frequently have preferences, so we advise purchasing various toys to test with your pup. But typically, your German Shepherd should be interested and occupied with anything you can throw or play tug-of-war with.

Conclusion (Best Dog Toy For German Shepherd)

We’re looking for the best dog toy for german shepherd to hold our hardest German Shepherd chewers’ attention while keeping them entertained and occupied. We’ve narrowed it down to three toys we feel confident recommending after testing dozens of toys with our dogs. You’ve read our reviews, but before making a decision, let’s evaluate our suggestions again. Our favorite was the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball, which all of our German Shepherds enjoyed and kept them entertained for extended periods thanks to the toy’s built-in noisemaker. We also appreciated that it worked well as a fetch ball so we could use it with our furry friends.

The JW Pet Bad Cuz Hule dog toy offered the best value. Despite being incredibly inexpensive, it managed to be one of the most robust choices we examined, withstanding even our toughest chewing dogs. Finally, our selection for the premium option was the Otterly Pets rope toy set. It’s worth the extra expense because it comes with five different rope toys and offers many options for playing with your dog or letting them play alone.

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