How to remove dog hair from blankets

Learn how to remove pesky dog hair from blankets with these simple tips and tricks. From using lint rollers to washing with special detergents, we’ll show you how to get your blankets looking clean and hair-free in no time. Say goodbye to furry blankets and hello to a cozy, fresh-smelling bed with our easy-to-follow guide.

A dog makes a wonderful pet. They are funny, lovable, and your closest companion. They might make you chuckle and lift your spirits when things are bad. The one drawback to the situation is their fur, though. Dog fur has a bad reputation for adhering to various types of clothes and furniture. If you enjoy cuddling with your dog in bed, you know that one of the most difficult places to get it out is your covers. Additionally to being unattractive, the hair can aggravate allergies, and you never know what can be attached to the fur.

We understand your agony if you’ve ever battled extra shed on your duvet or throw blanket. For this reason, we have developed 16 simple methods for getting rid of fur quickly and easily. Check out the DIY tips and other creative methods listed below for some simple ways to get dog hair out of blankets and your bed.

How To Remove Dog Hair From Blankets

10 Homemade Hacks for Blanket Fur Removal

1. Shake your covers

Giving your blankets a good shake is an excellent approach to getting rid of extra fur, even though it could seem too easy to work. A good snap on the blanket is important, and it’s best to do it immediately after your pet has left the bed. By doing this, you can remove it before it can become woven into the cloth.

2. Use a lint brush

Most people have lint rollers for their clothes lying around the house. Did you know they also do a fantastic job on your blankets and comforters? Stretch the blanket as much as possible, then slowly roll the lint roller over the surface. Although a few sheets may be required, it accomplishes the job rather effectively.

3. Put on latex gloves

This method for removing dog hair is less well-known than the lint roller. Rubber gloves are excellent for luring fur, especially those with small bumps or nubs. Lay the fabric down first, then go over the surface with your hands. Having a towel handy will help you remove the fur from the gloves. This technique works well on blankets with a lot of texture or made of synthetic material. Would you like to give the gloves a boost? To get them damp, try submerging them first.

4. the Pumice Stone

A pumice stone is an excellent alternative to the two methods above if you have knitted, velvet, or other textured blankets. Watch the hairs fall out as you run the dry stone along the fabric. Pitbull owners who have dogs with short, thick hair will love this tip. Although the pumice stone has a history of success, this fur can be quite challenging to remove.

5. Use a sponge.

Find a clean sponge with an abrasive side in this situation. We advise you to test it damp and dry to determine which performs best. Once more, keep a towel nearby to clean the sponge as the hair falls off the blanket.

6. Inflate a balloon

When static electricity is present, finer, thinner dog fur doesn’t stick either. If you have a balloon, inflate it, then rub the surface of the blanket with it. The static will draw the fur as it accumulates. After that, it may be wiped off the balloon and thrown in the trash. Remember that fluffy hair not woven into the cloth works best for this.

7. Launder and Dry

You could be thinking after reading this advice that you wash your blankets frequently, yet it is ineffective. That can be a result of your improper technique. For instance, dry your blanket in a non-heated dryer before putting it in the laundry. At the absolute least, this will assist in loosening the fur and removing part of it. After washing it, you should give it one more rinse. Try to wash the blanket separately from other items because most of the hair will fall off in the dryer. To get rid of most of the fur, dry it on low for a longer time.

8. Squeegee

As previously indicated, you should lay the blanket flat before using a squeegee. To create tension, use a handheld tool and apply short, forceful strokes while gripping the top of the fabric. If used correctly, this technique can eliminate up to 95% of the dog hair from your blankets and pillows. Just keep a rag nearby to clean your squeegee.

9. Fabric softener

You can get rid of dog hair if you have a fabric softener. In a spray bottle, combine one part softener with three parts water. Spray the fabric with water, and as you proceed, wipe the damp areas with a microfiber cloth. This is an additional method that removes hair by using static electricity.

10. Rubber Broom

This is yet another static-focused blanket DIY. However, for this to work, the blanket must be laid flat and have tension. Holding the material’s top portion or attaching one end to something will work. We find it simple and practical to tuck one end of the blanket under the bed. Build up the static by brushing in short, fast strokes. As the fur will adhere to the rubber, you can wipe it off with a towel or cloth.

How To Remove Dog Hair From Blankets

More Simple Methods How To Remove Dog Hair From Blankets

The preceding DIY choices are successful, and you can complete them using items you already have at home. However, you can buy a few things that will help with this issue if you are okay with spending some money.

1. Shaving Gloves

Not only are grooming gloves fantastic for your pet, but they can also get dog hair out of your blankets. Simply stroke the fabric with your hand as you would a pet. You may also wash and dry the gloves; the hair will come right up.

2. EVERCARE PET PLUS Mega Cleaning Roller

We advise giving this one a try if you enjoy the notion of a lint roller, but your regular one needs to be cutting it. With this extra-large roller, you can rid your blankets of dog hair while simultaneously using the extended handle to remove pet hair from floors and other surfaces.

3. Double brush sets.

Unlike a pet glove, a dog brush can help with unwanted fur. Finding one with bristles on one end and a velvet-like surface on the other is the trick. Although each side can be useful with various materials, both sides will be helpful. Use the bristle side, for instance, on denser, heavier fabrics like fleece or imitation fur. For smoother blankets, the end that resembles velvet is ideal.

4. Reco Professional Series Rotating Dog Pin Comb

Choosing the appropriate comb can be just as useful as a brush for removing dog hair from blankets. You want to choose one with larger, more evenly spaced pins, like this one from Chewy. This one is great since it spins, so you can easily access the entire blanket. But remember that this tool performs best on denser, more textured material.

5. Animal vacuum

This is normally a large buy, but if you have a lot of animals in the house, it can make a difference. While a pet vacuum functions similarly to a regular vacuum, it has particular features that enable it to remove fur without getting clogged. Additionally, they include attachments that aid in the initial removal of it.

How To Remove Dog Hair From Blankets


The best way to avoid dog fur getting on blankets is to avoid it in the first place. The less hair you have to remove from your bedclothes, the more you will be able to reduce the amount of shed down.

Check out the below preventative advice.

Groom Frequently: Giving your dog frequent brushing and combing will help keep most of their fur off your furniture and materials. Depending on your dog’s breed, this should only be done a few times a week. Most puppies also enjoy it.

Bath Time: Bathing your dog helps lessen the amount of shedding trapped in its coat. Hair caught in your sheets will fall into the drain after a thorough scrub.

The no-shed shampoo will further reduce the loose fur that will likely land on your comforter. There are many excellent choices, but try to select one with calming qualities, like aloe, which also relieves itching.

Put Down Another Blanket: Try putting down a sheet or an old blanket on top of your good one if you have blankets you want to keep but don’t want your dog to sleep on the floor. The majority of hair will be kept off the high-quality cloth.

If you didn’t know, you could use a Scotchgard product created especially for animal use. Despite being unable t

How To Remove Dog Hair From Blankets


If you have workable methods, dealing with dog fur on your blankets might be easy. We hope the do-it-yourself advice and the store-bought solutions have provided you with the solutions you require to keep your blankets tidy, odor-free, and dog hair-free!

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