Best Great Dane Harness

Are you looking for best great Dane harness? Let’s pause for a moment to think about this gentle giant before we dig into the world of this gigantic dog. We’ve fostered a couple of dogs in addition to our one Great Dane. They are a large breed of friendly, strong, and lethargic little dogs.

If you’ve ever encountered this enormous, endearing creature, you know that when they pull when you’re out strolling, they pull! It may not be the picture of an owner being carried down the street, but on some days, it seems possible. With experience and practical dog training, excessive pulling will decrease.

Finding a harness that is strong and well-fitted is essential for their broad chest, extra-large size, and strength. Therefore, please read our reviews of the top nine best great dane harness before you purchase your next dog harness.

A Quick Glance at Our Favorite Best Great Dane Harness (2023 Picks)

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The 9 Best Great Dane Harness

Best Harness For Great Danes: The Ruffwear Front Range Harness was the subject of a much more extensive evaluation. Great Danes have a dependable large dog harness made by Ruffwear that we use daily (or at least, our Danes do). One of our Danes in foster care arrived with a back-clip harness that was incredibly inadequate for a dog his size. The harness would get loose and (annoyingly) sag to one side, and all control came from a thin lead clip at the back. We could immediately tell the difference when we switched him to the Ruffwear Front Range harness.You can attach a leash to the leash attachment and use this for general strolling. It includes an aluminium V-ring hoop above the harness (on the rear), similar to many dog harnesses, where you may attach your lead. There are front and back clips on the Ruffwear Front Range Harness. It’s also OK if your dog behaves nicely in public and doesn’t pull on a leash. The dog harness’s front reinforced webbing loop, however, is what really makes a difference. Why the extra hoops? For more control and training, this enables particular double-ended leads to attach at the base. These are compatible with several training leads, including the Halti training lead.

When necessary, you affix both sides to the two clips. The front portion of the leash is then fastened to the lead hoop. It is easy to use but incredibly powerful. Our Great Danes frequently wear these harnesses and collars throughout the day. The dog is easy to put on and take off. Leg through, round, and clip over the head. ID tags are the primary use for this, especially after removing the harness.

The padding is cosy and appropriately sized for a Great Dane’s physique. The reflective stripes on the sides are a wonderful touch, which helps us see our dogs when we’re out walking at night. The harness may be hand-washed and reasonably waterproof (helpful). We adore this harness for various reasons, but mainly because it has never disappointed us. This harness is nicely made and comfy, and, most importantly, it’s perfect for teaching your dog not to tug when he’s on the lead. It has been quite helpful to us throughout the years and doesn’t sag or break.

  • Amazing design
  • Comfortable \sSturdy
  • Great Danes will love it
  • Not all dogs should be that size, but Great Danes are comfortable with it.

Great Dane Dog Harness: The Julius-K9 is an excellent all-around dog harness, especially for medium to large dogs. It is another giant breed of dog harness that we have previously featured. The Julius-K9 is a stylish, dependable harness. For better control of your dog, there is a broad, adjustable handle and a metal ring for lead attachments.

A handle for a secure grasp is included on the rear of the Julius. When your pet is a puppy, you can lift them with this, but we imagine you would find it difficult once they are an adult. The buckle on the belly strap is made of sturdy plastic. The hook and loop fastening on the chest strap are adjustable. Additionally, the chest strap contains a fluorescent strip to increase your Great Dane’s visibility when walking at night or in low light.

The harness’s material breathes well and is simple to put on and take off.However, this would be your best option if you’re searching for the best great dane harness with a handle. Some dog owners prefer training and walking their dogs utilizing a front range. The lack of a front loop makes it slightly more challenging because of the control required, especially during training.It is more akin to the harness that dog walkers might use in parks when they want to keep their dogs on a long lead. They can move around freely, thanks to this.

  • Quite well-liked
  • Beneficial for Great Danes
  • Buckles that are durable and simple to clip on and off
  • Strong and dependable construction
  • Breathable, water-resistant materia
  • Not a budget harness; it is at the higher end of the price range.
  • No chest ring

No-Pull Harness For Great Danes: There are two aspects regarding this Company of Animals harness to consider. They are affordable and highly well-liked. Furthermore, they are not by any means the worst harness available. However, unless you’re on a tight budget or trying harnesses for the first time, it’s probably not for you as a GD. It is a no-pull harness, which, as its name implies, lessens pulling. Your dog’s chest is covered by elastic webbing and mesh in the design. At first glance, it is comfortable, which is how it was intended to be.

Company of Animals makes some best great dane harness; however, let me express some concerns about this model. They can pull, Great Danes. Furthermore, they pull firmly when they do. Because of this, dog collars and leashes by themselves might strain their neck and throat and hurt their thorax if they abruptly lunge. The “squeeze and raise” theory is applied in The Company of Animals Non-Pull Harness. In other words, the straps get tighter when your dog pulls. These straps tend to pinch because they are not cushioned, which can damage the dog. The dog often pulls harder to escape the pain because it is hurting them. This can make the pull issue worse. I wouldn’t say I like this harness, and I’ve found it difficult to comprehend why it’s so popular.

Given the rapid burst of energy, Great Danes can produce (zoomies, anyone?) I’d choose to select something in which I had complete faith. Claiming that the pulling may not be a problem for some owners because their dogs are calm. Additionally, it has a somewhat shoddy appearance. No finesse, no padding. Dogs are not accessories for fashion, but at least offer them an opportunity to express their sense of style.

  • Simple to put on Cheap CONS
  • Generally not flattering
  • Not very successful
  • if your Dane pulls, you can pinch

Harness For Great Dane Puppy: In more ways than one, don’t anticipate anyone to fall head over heels for this harness. Despite not being particularly appealing, the Mekuti Balance Dog Harness is a big dog harness that many respectable trainers strongly suggest. Professionals often agree that it greatly aids in your training for loose lead.

  • Fulfils its commitment
  • A variety of colours are offered
  • Thirty Day Warranty
  • The straps are all movable.
  • Can be a little challenging to put on

Best No-Pull Harness For Great Danes: One of the cutest harnesses for large breeds we’ve ever seen. This harness has previously been highlighted by us and is excellent for smaller breeds (it tops our list for Jack Russells). But how does it go for a giant breed? Another illustration of a no-pull harness with front and back rings. On the dog’s back is a D-ring, and on its chest is a webbing with an O-ring attached.

This enables leads like the Halti to be attached for improved training and control. For visibility at night, the design uses nylon webbing coated with 3M Reflective material. A handle for gripping, directing, or looping a seat belt is also included. The cushioning and design are suitable for pullers since they lessen any friction or pinching resulting from an unexpected lunge.

This harness is excellent and offers something unusual for a Great Dane. We’ve heard that some people need help finding the best great dane harness to fit well because Danes have relatively long chests, but as long as you have the proper measurements, it’ll work just great. The front and back metal rings are stylish.

  • Excellent No-Pull harness for a GD High Visibility/Reflective Material
  • Before ordering, carefully review the sizes.

Best No Pull Harness For Great Danes: To make dog walks safer, the design includes two metal leash rings. Its two fast-release buckles make it simple to put on and take off. Four easily adjustable straps are present around the body. Padded with a nice cushion and made with dependable nylon oxford to protect your dog’s skin. During outdoor activities, your dog stays excellent thanks to breathable air mesh. Reflective strips with extreme brightness make walking safe at any time of day.

Rabbitgoo’s harness is an excellent choice for energetic Danes because it has a no-pull construction and complete chest coverage. A front D-ring makes it possible to train your dog to walk on a leash without pulling, and quick-release buckles shorten the time it takes to put the harness on or take it off. You can easily modify the fit of your dog’s harness thanks to four adjustable straps (two on the neck and two on the chest). Additionally, the cushioned nylon oxford fabrics are strong yet lightweight for larger canines.

Even if you choose the subdued black colour (orange, green, and red are also available), passersby can still see your dog at night thanks to the sleek reflective stripes that help boost visibility. There are only four size selections, but because each size ranges from four to eight inches, you can find a size that fits your dog perfectly no matter where its measurements fall. We adore how the no-pull leash attachments enable you to begin training immediately against the pull, and the reflective stitching keeps your dog visible at night. The top handle aids in maintaining control, and the adjustable straps allow for various fits according to the size of your Dane or XXL dog.

Best No Pull Harness For Great Dane: Padding for a comfortable fit is added to the durable 1000D nylon construction. The best great dane harness that is adjustable and has a top handle for controlling traffic. Four quick-release buckles for simple on/off and added security. Contains two straps and a panel with hoop and loop strips so that pouches or ID panels can be quickly attached. Available in 4 sizes and four colours. The OneTigris tactical harness will help Great Danes that take their jobs seriously feel like faithful guard dogs. Because of the nylon construction, which makes it sturdy, and the padding, which makes it comfortable for prolonged use.

Thanks to its four quick-release buckles, the harness is simple to put on and take off. Additionally, you’ll value the hook and loop panels because they readily accept appropriate pouches or other items if you need to bring equipment or identification. Even a little X-shaped bungee is available for securing goodies or drinks for your pet. On the top, there is a handle for controlling your dog as needed. Additionally, there is a front V-ring for an alternate leash attachment or for hanging an ID badge. This tactical vest is a perfect harness for assistance dogs since it contains loop strips that you may use to connect MOLLE pouches or ID cards. The harness is simple to put on and secure thanks to the numerous quick-release buckles.

Great Dane Tactical Harness: On the front and back, there are two metal leash rings. The 16-foot-long, tangle-free dog leash can accommodate dogs weighing up to 110 pounds. For a comfortable user experience, employ an ergonomic grip. A rapid lock and unlock button makes it easier for you to control your dog. For the best fit for your dog, adjust the dog harness.

The EXPAWLORER massive dog harness is practical and comfortable for keeping the largest Danes under control and safe while walking. Regardless of the adventures, you embark on; your dog will remain comfortable thanks to padding and the no-pull style, which appropriately distributes pressure throughout the dog’s chest.Along with a handle and D-ring attachment, the cushioned back panel has a long fluorescent strip to improve visibility. The material is nylon, which is more durable than mesh or comparable materials and breathable and quick drying.

Heavy-duty parachute clasps are used on each strap, and the straps are broad to provide a cosy chest and tummy covering. Although the front strap of the harness is unpadded, most dogs won’t find this an issue because of how wide it is. We adore the robust Nylon material resisting weathering and chewing, while the rubber handle offers control and stability. In contrast to under-belly buckles, the wide fluorescent strip provides excellent visibility in low-light circumstances, and the side buckles are simple to fasten on larger dogs

Products For Great Danes: No-chafe comfort that is superior. The body receives equal amounts of pulling pressure to prevent choking and tugging. All Life Stages, according to the age range. One XL Reflective Harness is among the included parts. Friends Forever’s harness is a fantastic choice for larger Great Danes because of its broad adjustability (only two sizes offered) and simple on/off style. A handle with a grasp is included in the padded padding around your dog’s back, which helps hold them near.

For increased visibility at night, 3M reflective material is sewn into the body and chest straps, along with a reflective strip on the back. The front of the harness is merely a strap. Thus, there is only one D-ring attachment available for leashing. Despite what the maker claims, there are better harnesses for teaching your dog not to pull. However, it evenly distributes the pulling power across your dog’s body to prevent them from choking themselves while they walk. We appreciate this harness’s wide size range and adaptability and the moulded handle, which enables secure hold without aggravating your hands. There is no need to slip it over your dog’s head or paws because it easily attaches from your dog’s back. Additionally, the wide straps avoid slicing your dog’s skin.

The Best Great Dane Harness: A Buyer's Guide

Even when attentive and reasonably well-behaved, Great Danes are challenging to walk. You may anticipate your big dog’s reaction to stepping outside, ranging from enthusiastic wriggling while being leashed up to utter overwhelm when the harness comes out.

Danes are pretty strong dogs; therefore, if your dog likes to pull a lot when being trained, it could often lead to health issues. Because of this, harness training is essential to avoid having to pay high vet fees. Here are some things to look for when choosing the best great dane harness to make walking more straightforward and pleasurable for everyone.


Heavy-duty materials are the most crucial factor to take into account for your Dane’s harness. Even if your dog doesn’t chew, you should still expect a lot of stress on the harness because these gentle giants may move quickly (and take you with them).

While smaller dogs or those with sensitive tracheas frequently benefit from mesh harnesses, Danes require more robust fabrics and strengthened straps and seams to prevent breaking. For large dogs like Danes, many buckles are preferable to Velcro closures, and polyester or other materials are better than mesh.

At the same time, dogs tend to respond strongly to exciting or frightening situations that benefit from a harness that is difficult to escape. Thick straps and full-coverage harnesses may be preferable to Velcro versions with lightweight mesh if your dog is a master escape artist.

Pull-Free Styling

Most Danes pull occasionally, but the more submissive ones usually settle down when you remind them to. However, a no-pull design leash is ideal for the majority of larger dogs, particularly those that have a front attachment for the leash. These options might be a good fit for your giant breed dog.

The front attachment can assist you in training your dog to walk on a leash more successfully by keeping him in line as he follows you. On the other hand, a no-pull harness helps spread the force out around your dog’s body rather than concentrating it all on one spot.

Overall, all dogs are healthier when the force is distributed equally, but hyperactive dogs who could injure themselves are especially in need of this (or you). A collar has a higher chance of coming off or tearing with a little force, whereas a whole harness has a lower chance of failing altogether.

Reflective Elements

Although the breed comes in a wide range of colours, most Danes are darker in hue, making them challenging to notice in low light. When going on evening adventures, your dog has a better chance of being noticed thanks to reflective thread or prominent panels on the harness.

A flashlight holder and other lighting accessories can improve your and your dog’s visibility. Fortunately, many tactical-style harnesses come with extra features like lighting that can help you prepare for emergencies.

Slender Chest Panel

Your dog’s physique is so tiny that wider-panel harnesses might not fit him well. Most harness sizing is based on neck, chest, and girth measures, therefore, to get the most excellent fit, pay attention to the measurements and the harness’s design.

Because of their tiny bodies, a thick front panel can irritate your Dane’s chest or legs. Similar to the previous example, a shorter-bodied harness may ride under your dog’s front legs if the fit is off. Additionally, a harness with more coverage can keep everything in place.

Safety And Lifting Handles

A handle might seem optional when your Great Dane is no longer a puppy. However, a handle can aid in the recovery of dogs who have undergone surgery or injuries and be helpful if your dog becomes extraordinarily enthusiastic and attempts to flee.

Handles are also perfect for car rides because you can use the seatbelt to somewhat restrain your dog within the car by passing it through the handle. You can grip the harness handle without bending or leaning, depending on the size of your dog, which can aid in retaining control in challenging situations.

Straps And Buckles

No of their size, a lively puppy can be difficult to corral into a harness. However, dealing with Danes can be challenging! When working with a Great Dane who can be a little impatient, finding a simple harness is crucial.

Since you don’t have to fight your dog’s paws through a gap or put anything over their head, side- and top-buckling harnesses are the simplest. In addition to saving you time and aggravation when getting ready to go out with your dog, a harness you can put on once, adjust, and then take off without loosening is excellent.

Which harness would work best for a Great Dane?

The best great dane harness properly is the best kind. Try it on your dog first to see how it fits if you go to the store and find what you believe to be the correct size. The dog’s head should be free to roam about comfortably, but the harness should be secure enough to prevent slipping off.

They require specific best great dane harness that fit their distinctive shape since they have long necks. To prevent them from dragging their toenails while pushing or tugging with all their might, pick a leash with an opening behind their front legs.

A smart option would be padded chest straps like this PetSafe Easy Walk Harness with Front Clip, which won’t chafe your dog when walking over extended distances. Another choice is the Freedom No-Pull Harness, which includes a leash attachment point and an adjustable collar attachment point on the back of the neck, a less-pressure-sensitive place than conventional collars. Additionally, the Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness is practical because it features two places where a leash may be attached: one around the dog’s tailbone for strolling and another in front of the shoulders for running (for training).

When selecting the best great dane harness, keep the following factors in mind:

  1. Where will the harness be used? A harness that works great for walking might be better for driving or hiking. Please ensure the harness you choose is appropriate for the environment where it will be used. For instance, consider something more robust and escape-proof rather than a lightweight harness if you wish to take your dog hiking.
  2. What is your dog’s size? A lightweight harness will be fine if your dog is small and light. Choose a heavier-duty option if your dog is large and powerful.
  3. Is your dog energetic and strong? If so, pick a robust and long-lasting harness that won’t falter or come off quickly if they pull or lunge.
  4. Is there a health problem with your dog? Choosing a softer material that won’t hurt their skin (such as neoprene or padded leather).
  5. Does your dog struggle or panic when you initially put on the harness, lunge forward while wearing it, and attempt to flee when you take it off? These are all signs that your dog may have issues with wearing a harness. Try a front clip harness in such a case.

Questions and Answers (Best Great Dane Harness)

What Size Is Harness Needed for My Great Dane?

Although they are giant canines, Great Danes are also lean and narrow. An adult Great Dane typically stands between 28 and 32 inches tall and weighs between 110 and 175 pounds. If you intend to harness your Great Dane, you’ll need a larger harness to fit that enormous dog cage.

When choosing a harness for your Dane, consider the fit for their body type and chest and neck measures. Danes don’t have broad chests like other large dogs, and their comparatively small heads can cause fit problems with over-the-head style harnesses.

Keep going if it takes a bit longer to discover the perfect harness because smaller breeds like the french bulldog are usually easier to find. Remember that dane blends like the lab/Dane can be a tad smaller.

Are Any Health Problems With Great Danes I Should Be Worried About?

Due to breathing and other trachea concerns, many pet owners choose harnesses to collars for their pets. Does the same hold for Great Danes, though? Not quite.

Due to their size, Great Danes frequently suffer from osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia. Sadly, they also live relatively brief lives, with an average lifespan of about ten years. A nutritious diet and plenty of exercises are crucial for your dog’s well-being.

However, many veterinarians advise pet owners to exercise their dogs a lot close to mealtimes because Danes are also prone to a condition called bloat. Of course, you should speak with your veterinarian for recommendations for your dog and her medical requirements.

Hip dysplasia is another condition that can make it difficult for your dog to walk or wear a harness. This condition manifests as lameness, rigid back legs, a “bunny hop”-like gait, stiffness, difficulty getting up, and loss of muscle tone.

A harness with a handle is highly beneficial for helping your dog get around if they have already seen the vet and are trying to recover from health difficulties.

Are Great Danes Difficult to Leash-Train?

Your Great Dane will live a long and healthy life if you take him for walks and give him enough exercise. But when it comes to leash walks, a dog of this size can compete with the best!

Training an older dog can be challenging, but if you begin while your Dane is a puppy, creating positive routines and habits will be much simpler. Training your dog is still doable even if they are already adults. Your Great Dane is eager to please but equally ready to explore, so leash training requires patience and a supportive, comfortable harness.

Final Reflections (Best Great Dane Harness)

Although controlling a Great Dane on a leash can be complicated, you’ll probably find it more straightforward with one of our top harness recommendations! And in terms of features, the Rabbitgoo No-Pull Harness Vest is a fantastic choice for most Dane owners.

Having two leash rings—one on the front and one in the back—the Rabbitgoo harness is truly a no-pull leash that is perfect for teaching your Great Dane to walk more submissively. The Y-shaped harness easily fits your dog’s head and buckles and has endless adjustment options.

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