Top 10 Best Dog Treats For Pitbulls- 2024 Edition

Do you take pleasure in treating your Pitbulls with the best dog treats? Your Pit Bull has the option to indulge in a range of delectable treats, many of which boast fantastic flavors and offer various nutrients to promote overall canine health. As enthusiastic eaters, Pit Bulls are renowned for their inability to resist a tempting treat, making rewards a useful tool for enhancing their appetite and encouraging compliance with your rules.

When selecting the best dog treats, it’s essential to ensure they not only appeal to your Pitbulls taste buds but also contribute to their well-being. We’ve identified some top-notch treats for your Pit Bull that you might consider offering:

Top 10 Best Dog Treats For Pitbulls At a Glance:

  1. VeggieDent Fresh Tartar Control Dog Chews from Virbac C.E.T.
  2. Large Himalayan Yak Chew
  3. Rocco & Roxie Jerky Dog Treats
  4. ZiwiPeak’s Good Dog Treats
  5. All-natural, whole cow ears for dogs from *BRUTUS & BARNABY*
  6. Biscotti with liver—Premier’s Liver Biscotti
  7. BLUE Bits Treats by Blue Buffalo
  8. Merrick Power Bites Natural Soft & Chewy Chews Dog Treats
  9. Premium Care Dog Immune Supplement & Allergy Chews
  10. Tricky Trainers Chewy Dog Treats from Cloud Star

1. VeggieDent Fresh Tartar Control Dog Chews from Virbac C.E.T.:

Dog Treats

Dogs of all ages require dental care, and Virbac C.E.T. VeggieDent Fresh Dog Chews provide an excellent solution to combat tartar. These dental chews, endorsed by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC), boast a unique shape and texture that freshens breath while reducing plaque and tartar. Despite being devoid of animal ingredients, these VeggieDent chews still captivate dogs’ interest. Consider giving them to your dog a few times a week to help maintain clean teeth, but be mindful of their high-calorie content when adjusting your dog’s diet. With various sizes available, choose the one that best suits your dog’s size.

2. Large Himalayan Yak Chew:

Pitbulls treat

Crafted in the Himalayan mountains using a traditional recipe featuring yak and cow milk, lime juice, and a touch of salt, this substantial dog chew (approximately 6-7 ounces) is exclusive to Pawstruck. Unlike other options, including the best bully sticks, these Himalayan dog chews stand out for their durability. Free from artificial additives, pre

servatives, gluten, or grains, these all-natural chews are not only protein-rich but also easy to digest and safe. Sourced from cow and yak farmers in the Himalayan foothills, these chews undergo rigorous quality testing by independent laboratories in Nepal and the United States. Vital for dental care, these all-natural dog dental chews aid in removing harmful plaque and tartar, contributing to improved teeth health. Watch your dog’s teeth whiten as they enjoy munching on these yak hard cheese dental snacks.

3. Rocco & Roxie Jerky Dog Treats:

Best Dog Treats For Pitbulls

These jerky sticks are a go-to choice for providing my Pitbull with top-tier, chewy delights. Whether I need to step out for a bit or reward my well-behaved Pitty after a training session, these treats come in handy. Available in chicken, turkey, and beef formulas, the beef flavor is particularly irresistible to my Pitbull.

Crafted with delicate American beef, each jerky stick undergoes a ten-hour smoking process, imparting a rich aroma and flavor. With no grains or fillers, these sticks boast 20% protein, supporting my Pitty’s muscle growth. The sticks are not only protein-packed but also moist and easy to devour. Whether offered whole or broken into parts, the potent aroma proves enticing for dogs, making compliance a breeze. I appreciate that there’s no lingering odor on my hands after handling them. Plus, the manufacturer, Rocco & Roxie, offers a full refund if your Pitty doesn’t take a liking to them—an excellent assurance given the product’s premium quality.

4. ZiwiPeak’s Good Dog Treats:

Best Dog Treats For Pitbulls

These treats stand out with over 90% meat content sourced exclusively from the best New Zealand meats—ranch-grown without antibiotics or growth hormones. Air-dried and minimally processed, these tiny, thin snacks resemble chips and can be easily divided into smaller pieces. They are mess-free, leaving no smell on hands or pockets, making them a favorite “high value” treat for dogs.

Ideal for dogs with allergies, digestive issues, or those not thriving on a grain-based diet, these treats serve as excellent reinforcement during training. While the 3-ounce pouch comes at a price of $5, the 1-pound pouch offers great value at $13–15, considering the high-quality ingredients. These treats are a worthwhile investment for their meat-centric composition and the benefits they bring, making them a perfect choice for various training scenarios and as a reward for your furry friend.

5. All-Natural, Whole Cow Ears For Dogs From BRUTUS & BARNABY:

Best Dog Treats For Pitbulls

Discover the delight of treating your dog to these popular and budget-friendly cow ear dog treats. Crafted right here in the United States, these treats are made without any artificial additives, preservatives, or chemicals. Take advantage of our discounted bulk prices if your dog has developed a particular fondness for this product. You won’t find a more generous offer anywhere else!

Cow ears have earned their place as a traditional dog treat in the pet industry for a good reason. Dogs have an innate penchant for chewing on various objects, ranging from the unconventional to the downright bizarre. Luckily, our cow ear dog treats provide a healthier and more delectable alternative to other unconventional chewing options. These best dog treats are especially appealing for pitbulls puppies with voracious appetites who take joy in tearing things apart.

6. Biscotti with liver—Premier’s Liver Biscotti:

Best Dog Treats For Pitbulls

These 100% human-grade snacks are crafted in the U.S.A. using USDA Select beef liver and essential wholesome ingredients. Liver Biscotti treats boast a dry, crisp texture akin to croutons, ensuring a mess-free experience. With minimal fat and only 2 calories per piece, they are both delicious and nutritious.

The Wheat & Egg Free Recipe features beef liver, oat and barley flour, water, carrots, applesauce, parsley, canola oil, and baking powder. On the other hand, the Original Recipe comprises whole wheat flour, bran flour, water, carrots, egg whites, egg yolks, garlic, and parsley. These treats come in four sizes, with the Original Bite Size and Small Bite Size recommended for training. Choose between 8-ounce (over 250 treats in Original size) and 5-pound (over 2,500 treats in Original size) bags for both sizes. The 5-pound bag, priced at about $50, offers a considerably better value than the 8-ounce bag, typically costing $7-9. Treat your pit bull to the best with Premier’s Liver Biscotti!

7. BLUE Bits Treats by Blue Buffalo: 

Best Dog Treats For Pitbulls

These treats, available in various flavors, are free from artificial preservatives and flavors, making them an ideal choice for larger dogs. Shaped like hearts, they boast a soft texture that allows for easy breaking into smaller pieces if needed. The key ingredient is real chicken, complemented by oatmeal and flaxseed to support a healthy digestive system. Importantly, BLUE Bits treats exclude maize, wheat, soy, or beef by-products, while incorporating D.H.A. and omega fatty acids to enhance your dog’s skin and coat.

8. Merrick Power Bites Natural Soft & Chewy Chews Dog Treats:

power bites

Grain and gluten-free, these treats offer a tasty and low-calorie option for training sessions. Commence training early to foster a well-socialized and well-behaved Pit Bull. Despite their size, Merrick Power Bites are delectable rewards, with a variety of flavors available to keep your pup engaged during training.

9. Premium Care Dog Immune Supplement & Allergy Chews:

premium care

Packed with Omega fatty acids and essential vitamins, these treats promote a healthy and glossy coat. Featuring colostrum, bee pollen, kelp, vitamin C, organic licorice root, and kelp, the supplement aids in combating symptoms of seasonal allergies. Additionally, it contributes to digestion and assists with food allergies. Ensure your Pit Bull’s overall well-being with this comprehensive immune supplement and allergy chew.

10. Tricky Trainers Chewy Dog Treats from Cloud Star:

tricky trainers

These soft and chewy snacks, available in salmon, liver, and cheddar flavors, are an absolute favorite among our dogs. With just 3 calories per treat, they make for a guilt-free indulgence. While the salmon variety is a particular hit, it’s important to note that while these training rewards are not completely odorless, they are less pungent than some other fish treats. If odor is a concern, keep them in their resealable pouch or opt for the liver or cheddar flavors.

The Salmon and Liver variations primarily feature salmon or chicken liver, along with ingredients like barley flour, potato flour, maple syrup, glycerin, tapioca starch, natural flavor, gelatin, salt, garlic powder, and natural preservatives. The Cheddar variation includes barley flour, maple syrup, tapioca starch, potato flour, cheddar cheese, natural flavor, gelatin, salt, garlic powder, and organic preservatives. All Cloud Star treats use American, human-grade ingredients and are proudly made in the U.S.A. Each resealable 5-ounce bag contains 150 snacks, typically priced between $4-6.

Overall Top-Rated Dog Treats for Pit Bulls

If you’re looking for top-rated treats that cater specifically to your pit bull’s muscle health, Pet Honesty Advanced Hip & Joint treats are an excellent choice.

The four critical supplements in this supplement are as follows:

  • Packed with essential vitamins, including turmeric for reducing inflammation
  • Glucosamine for joint fluid
  • PurforMSM for cartilage preservation, and 
  • Chondroitin sulfate for cartilage growth

These treats support your pit bull’s hip and joint health. Additionally, they provide other vital vitamins and minerals for your pit bull’s overall long-term health and vitality.

FAQ For The Best Dog Treats for PitBulls

Treats For Pitbulls

Why do Pit Bulls have specific dietary requirements?

Pit Bulls, encompassing various breeds, possess significant muscle mass, necessitating a diet rich in protein and essential nutrients to support their robust physique. Given their susceptibility to allergies, finding an allergen-free dog food can be challenging, considering potential allergic reactions.

According to Dr. Sievert, a diet high in calcium and vitamin D may hinder bone and cartilage growth in Pit Bulls, contributing to issues like hip dysplasia. This concern is particularly crucial for Pitbull puppies, requiring high-quality age-appropriate nutrition to mitigate the risk of hip dysplasia.

Crafting an ideal diet for Pit Bulls can be challenging due to these factors, but thankfully, the burden of this task doesn’t solely rest on your shoulders.

What treats are optimal for Pitbulls?

Pitbulls, prone to boredom and anxiety, tend to chew on anything within reach. Pet parents should be mindful of the ingredients and durability of chew treats, ensuring they are both healthy and nourishing for their Pitbulls.

Should I supplement my Pitbull puppy’s diet?

Opting for premium dog food eliminates the need for supplements, as they may disrupt the nutritional balance crucial for your dog’s development. Before introducing any supplements or making significant dietary changes, consult your veterinarian for guidance on your Bully’s nutrition, regardless of age.

How do Pit bulls show affection?

Pitbulls often express affection by cuddling close, sitting in your lap, leaping up to kiss your face, wagging their tails vigorously, and maintaining close proximity. These physical displays of love are characteristic of their affectionate nature.

Can my Pitbull be fed once a day?

No, Pitbulls require more than one meal daily, with adults typically needing two to three meals. Puppies, especially when transitioning to adult kibble, may require up to four meals daily to support their growth.

Dog Treats

What is the cost of feeding a Pitbull?

Feeding a Pitbull entails a substantial financial commitment. High-quality, balanced dog food may be more expensive, but opting for cheaper alternatives could lead to nutrient imbalances and potential health issues. Budgeting around $25 to $60 monthly, or $300 to $800 annually, is advisable for proper Pitbull nutrition.

When can I switch my Pitbull to adult dog food?

Maintain puppy formula for your Pitbull for at least one year, potentially extending to 14 or 15 months. The timing of the transition depends on factors like growth rate, exercise levels, and gender, with consultation with your veterinarian recommended to avoid digestive issues.

What if My Pit Bull Isn’t a Suitable Playmate?

Some Pit Bulls may not get along well with other dogs, especially in off-leash situations. If you observe that your dog becomes overly excited during play, it’s essential to limit their off-leash playtime. For example, if your dog tends to become overstimulated after 15 minutes of play, consider stopping the play session after 5 or 10 minutes to prevent overstimulation. Additionally, praise your dog for displaying appropriate play behaviors. When introducing your Pit Bull to other dogs, choose those with excellent social skills to facilitate positive interactions.

What Benefits Do Pit Bull Treats Offer?

Treats serve more than just making Pit Bulls happy—they are effective training aids. Professional trainers and pet owners commonly use training treats as positive reinforcement. Recognizing their constant hunger, regular treats can help satisfy Pit Bulls and are particularly beneficial for teething puppies, providing relief to their sore gums and preventing destructive chewing behaviors. Treats also contribute to dental health by offering essential nutrients. If you need to leave your Pit Bull alone for a few hours, providing bone treats can keep them focused and prevent boredom and destructive behavior.

Furthermore, treats can offer additional nutrition, supplying vital vitamins and Omega-3 & 6 acids that your Pit Bull requires. For instance, beef liver is an excellent source of Omega-3. While treats are valuable during training, it’s crucial to ensure a nutrient-rich diet to support overall health, strong bones, and prevent common health issues. Timing is essential; offering the best treats for your pitbulls between meals or during training sessions is advisable. However, random treat distribution may create habits that are challenging to break.

Final Thoughts Of Best Dog Treats For Pitbulls

When selecting the best dog treats for your Pitbulls, prioritize those that contribute to their overall health. Pit Bulls, a popular and beloved breed, require careful attention to nutrition from puppyhood to adulthood. Responsible owners play a vital role in ensuring their puppies grow into healthy, happy dogs. Additionally, if your Pit Bull faces health issues, such as joint problems, skin conditions, dental concerns, or a sensitive stomach, certain treats and supplements can offer support. Extensive research has identified high-quality treats that can contribute positively to your Pit Bull’s well-being.

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