Top 15 Picks for the Best Dog Food For Ear Infections

In this article we will talk about the best dog food to prevent ear infections. The same yeast infections that affect humans can also affect dogs. Yeast infections can occur in dogs of any gender, breed, or age at some point due to specific sensitivities, allergies, or a diet high in carbohydrates or sugar. Your dog may be more susceptible to yeast infections if it has digestive problems, inflammation, or discomfort. Some initial symptoms manifest as the telltale signs of the issue are scratching, whining, and persistent head shaking.

best dog food for ear infections

Did you know food allergies can bring on that ear itching? So you need the best dog food to prevent ear infections. In dogs, chronic ear infections may result from an allergic reaction to a food component like chicken, beef, or grains. Breeds like cocker spaniels have a higher hereditary propensity for ear infections than other breeds. Other potential causes include bacteria, fungi, or a foreign object lodged in the body. The most superficial aspect of your dog’s life to change to see if they can feel better is their diet.

A Quick Glance at Our Favorite Best Dog Food For Ear Infections (2023 Picks)

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The 15 Best Dog Food for Ear Infections

The Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula is the finest option for the best dog food to prevent ear infections. It is full of all the nutrients your dog needs to flourish, all of which are derived from plant-based sources. Potatoes and peas supply your dog with the critical protein he or she needs. Additionally, it has barley and oat fiber for good digestion and brown rice for additional vitamins. Your dog will receive vital antioxidants from the cranberries, spinach, and blueberries contained in the meal, and the food has higher B vitamins for a robust immune system. The omega fatty acids (DHA and EPA) that have been added will assist the healthy brain and coat function, and the minerals zinc and manganese will improve hip and joint health.

Several customers also note that the meal causes loose stools in addition to the extra grains and carbohydrates that may cause gas and bloat in some dogs. Although the diet contains 18% protein, it is derived from plants, and large, active dogs will fare far better on proteins derived from meat. According to some customers, this cuisine may not appeal to picky eaters, preventing it from being top.

  • Vegetarian only
  • Incorporates natural antioxidants
  • DHA and EPA additions
  • Added manganese and zinc
  • A plant-based protein source that could result in bloating and loose stools

This Royal Canin dry dog food is appropriate for both pups and adults and is specially formulated for dogs with best dog food for skin allergies and ear infections. The hydrolyzed proteins are less likely to cause immunological reactions than conventional protein sources since they are simple to digest and rapidly break down, which is vital for growing puppies. B vitamins, amino acids, and essential omega-3 and -6 fatty acids for good skin and coat are all present in the diet, and prebiotics and nutritious fibers will help with digestion. A robust immune system will be aided by additional vitamins C and E for a healthy, allergy-free canine.

Remember that this meal requires veterinary approval before purchase; some veterinarians may charge you for this in addition to the already high cost of the food. Picky eaters might not like the dish because of its overpowering chemical aroma. Some users have complained of bloating and diarrhea after switching to it, preventing it from the top two spots.

  • Specifically created for pets with allergies
  • Contains fatty acids omega-3 and -6 Contains hydrolyzed protein
  • Vitamin C and E additions
  • Prebiotics and healthy fiber for improved digestion
  • Expensive
  • demands veterinary approval
  • may lead to bloating and loose stools

With its grain-free formula and wild-caught anchovies, Sensitive Ear Plus from Forza10 is specifically made for dogs with best dog food for ear infections. It is abundant in omega-3 and -6 fatty acids from anchovies, providing your dog with a healthy, glossy coat. Since most of the ingredients in the cuisine are raw and unprocessed, switching to using it doesn’t require a lengthy adjustment period. The cuisine contains a lot of animal protein (30%), including peas and beans and anchovies, fish oil, pork, and hydrolyzed salmon protein. Additionally, it contains pomegranates, papaya, and other fruits and vegetables that are rich in immune-stimulating minerals and antioxidants.

Some fussy eaters may be turned off by the food’s overpowering, fishy smell. The size of the kibble is also too big for smaller dogs but best dog food to prevent ear infections.

  • Specifically made for dogs with ear problems
  • Omega-3 and -6-rich
  • There is no need for a protracted adjustment period when switching to this food
  • A lot of protein
  • Contains antioxidants extracted from naturally
  • Has a strong fishy smell.
  • Expensive
  • Too much kibble is given to smaller breeds.

Our pick for the best dog food to prevent ear infections is Hill’s Prescription Diet, specially created for dog food and ear infections. The diet has vital fatty acids omega-3 and -6 for healthy skin and coat, hydrolyzed chicken liver proteins for better digestion, and antioxidants to help prevent allergies and disease. To reduce the chance of an allergic response or sensitivity, this product only contains one carbohydrate source, cornstarch. Additionally, the food contains vitamins C and E for maximum immune support, and studies have shown that the unique recipe also works to lower the risk of urethritis.

You must first take your dog to the vet to get permission to purchase this food. As it is pricey and contains substances like cornstarch, soy, and synthetic hydrolyzed protein, it is probably not a great long-term solution, even though it is likely to resolve any allergies.

  • Explicitly designed for allergic dogs
  • Hydrolyzed protein is present for better digestion.
  • Has omega-3 and -6 necessary fatty acids.
  • Includes antioxidants
  • Carbs only from one source
  • With added vitamins C and E
  • Has to have veterinarian approval
  • Expensive
  • Poor long-term treatment for allergies

Salmon and salmon meals are the first two components in this Nutro dry best dog food for dogs with yeast ear infections, providing a balanced intake of amino acids from a natural source. The food has the right amount of omega fatty acids, zinc, and B vitamins to further improve the natural sheen of your dog’s coat. It is entirely free of grains, contains no fillers like corn, wheat, or soy, and is made with 10 or fewer ingredients for the best caloric nutrition ratios. To lower the likelihood of allergic responses, all ingredients are free of GMOs and do not contain artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Picky eaters might not enjoy this cuisine because of the strong fish flavor that the salmon adds. This meal recently underwent a recipe modification, and according to several customers, their dogs did not like the new flavor.

  • Salmon is rich in amino acids.
  • For a healthy coat, it boasts zinc, omega fatty acids, and B vitamins.
  • 10 or fewer ingredients, no grains
  • GMO-free
  • Free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives
  • Strong fishy odor
  • modern recipe

The best dog food for dogs with ear infections is limited dry food. It also contains several patented supplements that support your dog’s intestinal flora and gives them a healthy foundation. A more robust immune system is correlated with healthy gut flora. This dog food’s low carbohydrate content is crucial for dogs with yeast infections. Furthermore, it has no maize, eggs, wheat, tapioca, or synthetic preservatives or tastes.

The salmon meal and deboned salmon make it a potent source of protein and also best dog food to prevent ear infections. Additionally, it has a lot of beneficial omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, which will provide your dog with extra resources to help cure irritated and scratchy skin. The drawbacks include a higher cost and larger kibble sizes, which may make it unsuitable for little dogs. This dog food can keep your dog active and stop the symptoms of a yeast infection from worsening.

  • Enhancing coat
  • Having few carbs
  • A variety of tastes
  • Larger, more expensive Kibble pieces

The best dog food that prevent ear infections is Zignature Essential Multi-Protein Grain-Free. It’s a fantastic mix with the right nutritional balance to support small and large dogs with yeast infection difficulties. This meal is devoid of grains, rich in antioxidants, and high in protein. Additionally, it contains a nutritious combination of fruits and vegetables chosen precisely to address nutritional deficiencies and maintain a low sugar level.

Low sugar levels prevent yeast and other germs from growing too much. This formula offers excellent nourishment with little stomach discomfort because of its small number of ingredients. This meal also includes amino acids to promote quick healing and minimize inflammation. The sole drawback is that some people have reported that this cuisine has poor quality control.

  • Antioxidants and amino acids are present.
  • Aims to lessen irritability, sugar-free ingredients
  • Have a variety of tastes
  • Poor quality control

This is the best food for ear infection also best dog food to prevent ear infections. Small puppies are more prone to stomach sensitivities than their older friends. Therefore this diet is specifically created for them. These meals are prepared using natural products and holistic cuisine. They do not contain potatoes; the primary ingredient is bison, which is rich in protein.

Omega fatty acids are also present in these meals, which can support healthy skin and fur. Solid Gold Wolf Cube Without Potatoes While dog chow does contain whole grains, it is far higher in protein. Vegetables are also included to add much-needed vitamins and antioxidants. The drawback of this meal is that it contains some grains; however, certain dogs can benefit from a grain-free diet, even if it is not necessary for all dogs. Before deciding whether your dog requires a grain-free diet, consult your veterinarian.

  • Wholesome food
  • Has no fillers and is free of potatoes and starch
  • Superior fruits and grains
  • Not entirely free of grains

Best dog food for yeasty dogs by Blue Buffalo is a grain- and gluten-free dry food choice for adult dogs. Giving them an excellent combination of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals to aid in a quicker recovery can treat dogs with yeast infections. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are known to have anti-inflammatory properties, are also present.

Overall, if you want best dog food to prevent ear infections that will help its immune system, you should consider this option. It is frequently employed to treat dogs with ear infections and aids in the promotion of a healthy oxidative balance. Although it contains carbohydrates, the amount of protein is sufficient to balance them out and delay their digestion. Additionally, it is somewhat pricey, particularly if you have a big dog.

  • Grain-free
  • Is rich in omega fatty acids
  • Contains vitamins and antioxidants
  • Can be pricey
  • Contains carbs

This best yeast free dog food can lessen the impacts and problems frequently brought on by yeast infections. It is not just low in carbohydrates but also high in protein and fat, making it particularly filling. The lean protein is derived from premium chicken, and all ingredients are designed to be easily digestible.

Probiotics are also included in this particular recipe to help strengthen your dog’s immune system. Last but not least, prebiotic fiber is included in Wysong Epigen’s dry food to facilitate easy digestion and reduce stomach and gut discomfort in your dog. If you’re seeking all-natural dog food, this might not be the best option since it contains preservatives. There aren’t many flavors to choose from.

  • High in fat and protein
  • Minimal carbohydrates
  • Probiotics and prebiotics are present.
  • A few preservatives
  • Minimal taste choices

This best dog food for ear allergies, Farmina dry food dish is rich in nutrients and based on a formula emphasizing protein over carbohydrates. It is designed to aid dogs with skin diseases such as allergies, yeast infections, food sensitivities, and allergies.

This food has a low glycemic index, which makes the dog’s body unfavorable to yeast growth. There are no GMO items in this diet. It contains a lot of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which can soothe an agitated GI tract and promote skin and coat health. Farmina is a concoction devised to treat digestive issues in canines with yeast infections. It’s a fantastic meal choice for dog owners looking for the finest food for dogs with sensitive stomachs and yeast infections. This dish is a little costly, just like other selections. If your dog requires a diet free of grains, it is also not grain-free. 

  • Low-carb food
  • Benefits all breeds
  • Has a variety of tastes
  • The cost of the food
  • Non-grain products

Positive financial news Salmon, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin recipes from Nature’s Recipe without grains. Compared to many rival brands, dry dog food is significantly less expensive. The main ingredient is salmon, backed by several additional premium protein sources. This grain-free dog food includes high-fiber, low glycemic index vegetables like sweet potato and pumpkin, a concentration of high-protein salmon for healthy skin, and a lustrous coat.

This highly digestible mix was created to offer top-notch nutrients, and most dogs enjoy the flavor.

  • The development of muscles is encouraged by real salmon.
  • Provides a balanced diet and all the vitamins and minerals your dog requires.
  • High antioxidant content to support your dog's immune system.
  • It is abundant in critical fatty acids.
  • Some dogs dislike its undeniably fishy odor.
  • Most pet owners concur that their dogs like the flavor of this meal, which has high-quality natural ingredients.

You might wonder why this diet is so straightforward or best dog food to prevent ear infections, but in this instance, less really is more. This dry dog food is free of grains, fillers, dairy, ebggs, and potatoes, typical causes of allergies, yeast infections, and bacterial development. It also contains no wheat or wheat gluten. Additionally, your dog can savor high-quality proteins derived from the chicken and wholesome fats from chicken fat, vitamin supplements, and chelated minerals.

  • Contain necessary vitamins and minerals for a nutritious diet that is both complete and well-balanced.
  • Contains natural prebiotics from brown rice and beet pulp to support a healthy digestive system.
  • Omega fatty acids that support healthy skin and fur can be found in chicken fat.
  • Comparatively less protein and calories (but this could work to your advantage if you have spayed, neutered, or indoor dogs)

The Brothers Complete dog food line is renowned for producing premium meals that help with various health conditions. This diet was created for dogs with skin issues brought on by best dog food to prevent ear infections, yeast overgrowth, and typical allergies.

Eggs provide dogs with the amino acids they need for fast body repair and digestive wellness. Additionally, it contains enough digestive enzymes to support a healthy gut microbiota and boost your dog’s immune system. This meal provides your dog with all the nutrition required to lessen discomfort from a yeast infection and hasten to heal. The drawback of this cuisine is that it is expensive and includes peas. Studies on the possible connection between peas and canine heart disease are ongoing.

  • Probiotics and amino acids are present.
  • Has delicious flavors
  • Boost the consistency of stools
  • Enzymes for digestion
  • Quite expensive
  • Contains flaxseed and pea starch

Dogs with yeast infections can also benefit from TruDog Feed Me Crunchy Munchy. This recipe uses a small number of high-quality red meats and premium cuts of organic beef and bone. Hering oil has also been used in this formulation to encourage healthy skin and coats. You’ll be pleased to learn that this formula is free of soy, maize, wheat, and gluten.

Additionally, it is free of antibiotics, synthetic colors, and fillers. Hypoallergenic pets will undoubtedly appreciate this highly digestible freeze-dried dog chow. So, this can be an excellent alternative to think about if your dog has skin sensitivity or allergies associated with yeast infections. Although most dogs will benefit from it, this meal’s high protein content may not be ideal for dogs with specific medical issues. Additionally, it is somewhat pricey. So you can consider this the best dog food to prevent ear infections.

  • Effects on the skin and coat
  • Has a variety of tastes
  • Promotes regular bowel movements
  • Costly
  • Extremely high in protein

Buyer's Guide (The Best Dog Food to Choose for Ear Infections)

You might be able to lessen your dog’s discomfort by giving them allergen-friendly dinners because allergy flare-ups bring on some ear infections. Consider these things when looking for allergen-friendly foods:

A List Of Protein Sources

Dogs frequently react negatively to chicken and meat. Find a different protein, such as fish, turkey, pork, lamb, venison, or any of those above. To ensure that your “turkey supper” does not later include beef, carefully read the ingredients list.

Consider Grain-Costs Free

Specialty grain-free recipes have been promoted for the past fifteen years as the cure for dogs’ increased incidence of allergies. Although some dogs are indeed sensitive to grains, it is now thought that chicken, beef, and dairy products may be more to blame. You might risk your health by following a grain-free diet after the FDA has linked them to canine-dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). If your dog has a wheat allergy, keep in mind that there are gluten-free diets available that still contain grains. Ask your veterinarian if they think a diet free of grains is worth the danger before you give it a try.


In your dog’s intestines, these beneficial bacteria already exist naturally; however, a poor diet may reduce their population. A probiotic supplement can help your dog’s gut replace harmful bacteria with beneficial bacteria, enhancing their immune system overall and possibly reducing the risk of ear infections brought on by the harmful bacteria. Because prebiotics provides your dog with the building elements to naturally produce more probiotics, they are even more advantageous.

Ear infection signs and symptoms

Any attentive dog owner will immediately recognize their pet’s ear infection symptoms. While some of these symptoms may have other causes, such as dirt, fleas, or wax buildup, they are most likely due to an ear problem that is painfully visible. Some signs are:

Other root causes of ear infections

There are several potential causes besides food allergies, which are common causes of ear infections. Dogs’ ear canals are unusual in that they are more vertical than human ear canals and have an L-shape that makes capturing and keeping moisture simple. Ear infections in dogs are typically brought on by bacterial infections, yeast infections, or, less frequently, ear mites, regardless of their diet. Additional root causes include:

  1. Fleas: Flea bites can cause infections in some dogs. As you take care of your dog’s ear infections in this situation, treat the fleas as well.
  2. Allergens: Your dog may get ear infections as a result of allergens, including pollen, dust, mildew, and even some food ingredients.
  3. Bacterial contamination.
  4. Constant scratching can reveal the presence of ear mites.
  5. Dogs with large, floppy ears that are frequently exposed to moisture are more likely to develop yeast infections.
  6. The ideal environment for yeast and bacterial growth is created by prolonged contact with dampness.
  7. Endocrine conditions, such as thyroid disease.
  8. Additionally, frequent ear cleaning can result in ear infections.
  9. Autoimmune diseases, the accumulation of excessive wax.
  10. Regular ear inspection is advised, especially if your dog’s ears are prone to infections.

How to Treat Yeast Infections

You should take your dog to the doctor for treatment of a yeast infection. Depending on where exactly your dog is infected, the vet may give you creams or cleaning solutions. The illness can also be treated naturally using calendula, coconut oil, olive oil, or vinegar. Eliminating the foods that contribute to the bacteria’s growth is then beneficial. This will help the drug do its job and contribute to future outbreak prevention. You can prepare your dog’s food at home to be sure you are using the proper combination of ingredients.

Finding the perfect diet that has the proper ratio of nutrients is more complex than many people realize. Commercial feeds that have been approved by a veterinarian are frequently preferable. If you do decide to prepare your own dog food, start with lean meats like beef and lamb and keep the carbs to a minimum. Add leafy greens, broccoli, squash, and low-sugar fruits in their place.

Starch and sugar are the major culprits when it comes to feeding bacteria and promoting their growth; therefore, if you decide to purchase commercial dog diets, the best formulas to go for should be low in these two ingredients. Since starch plays important roles in dog diets, including acting as reasonably priced binding agents, it is difficult to eliminate them.

The majority of dry dog diets contain a lot of ingredients that are high in starch, including potatoes, wheat, sweet potatoes, corn, rice, and others. You would be left with a powdered diet without them. The best way to go about finding the best anti-yeast dog food right now is to restrict your options to those made with wholesome natural ingredients like lean proteins, high-quality animal-based fats, vegetables with low starch levels, as well as digestive enzymes and probiotics, among other nourishing supplements. The recipes you select should also be high in antioxidants and other vital nutrients that strengthen the immune system and aid in your dog’s ability to naturally fight off infection.

Dog Food For Yeast Infection FAQs

What should a canine with a yeast infection eat?

As long as they don’t contain certain hazardous elements, dogs with yeast infections can consume raw, homemade, or commercial dog diets. Lean protein sources, low-starch veggies, lots of fiber, unprocessed diets, and natural sources of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are all recommended for dogs that have yeast infections.

What Foods that combat yeast infections?

Depending on the type of yeast infection you have, some foods can help you rapidly and naturally get rid of it. Try utilizing coconut oil, ginger, apple cider vinegar or apple juice, green vegetables, and cruciferous plants to treat your dog’s candidiasis and get rid of the infection.

How can I treat the yeast infection in my dog?

For the treatment of canine yeast infections, topical medications are typically first advised because of their great effectiveness. The most effective antifungal shampoos, ointments, and lotions frequently contain miconazole or ketoconazole. If the condition is serious, your veterinarian may advise using oral antifungal medications in addition to topical therapy.

What breeds of dogs are most susceptible to yeast infections?

Yeast infections are more common in some dog breeds than others. These breeds consist of:


The Golden Retriever

the Labrador Retriever

Shih Tzus.

the Basset Hounds




United States Cocker Spaniels

White West Highland terriers

Shepherd dogs


Can food allergies cause ear infections in dogs?

Incorrect elements in some diets can, in fact, result in ear infections. Options for dog food that are heavily processed or contain a lot of additives, preservatives, and fillers derived from grains might make sensitive dogs allergic and result in ear infections.

Can medication make my dog's ear infection worse?

Some drugs have the potential to damage the gut. Treatments for fleas, ticks, steroids, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, and deworming medications, among others, might result in infections, including ear infections.

What diet should you follow to avoid ear infections?

A healthy diet can help prevent ear infections because it improves a dog’s general well-being. This is best achieved with a high-quality, grain-free, and hypoallergenic diet.

Can grain-free diets shield dogs' ears from infections?

More protein and fewer carbohydrates in a grain-free blend aid in digestion and improve your dog’s health in numerous other ways, including lowering the risk of allergies and infections, which is essential for preventing canine ear infections.

Why do my dog's ear infections constantly come back?

If your dog consistently has ear infections, you should treat them very seriously. This is due to a variety of factors. Allergies to foods and the environment are the most frequent causes. Your dog may continue to be susceptible to allergies and infections if you don’t monitor the condition of their ears or provide them with the proper nutrition.

Conclusion (Best dog food for ear infections)

The Nulo Freestyle Limited+ Grain-Free Salmon Recipe Dry Dog Food is rated as the best overall dog food for yeast infections in our reviews, taking the top spot. We recommend Zignature Essential Multi-Protein Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food as the greatest value canine nutrition that also promotes healing.

Third place is closely followed by Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Hydrolyzed Protein Adult HP Dry Dog Food, which offers a premium option with a list of nutritional quality. The fourth-placed Solid Gold Wolf Cub Potato-Free Puppy Food is our top choice for recipes that are specifically geared toward puppies. One of the top dog diets suggested by veterinarians, Hill’s Prescription Diet Digestive Care Low Fat Chicken Flavor Dry Dog Food, came in at number five in our review.

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