Lookin for the best dog food for pyoderma? Dogs afflicted with Pyoderma experience distressing skin conditions characterized by the development of small bumps on the surface of their skin. Symptoms include hair loss, itching, and dry skin, among others, with the severity varying across breeds. Pyoderma can be triggered by various factors such as allergies, bacterial infections, and even cancer.

Signs of Pyoderma in dogs often manifest as red, swollen lumps, flaky skin, and blemishes. If your dog exhibits these symptoms, a prompt visit to the veterinarian is essential to rule out any underlying medical causes and receive guidance on effective management.

Addressing Pyoderma may involve altering your dog’s diet to eliminate proteins that could be potential triggers. Several specialized dog foods can contribute to improved skin health and help manage Pyoderma by minimizing exposure to allergens or incorporating components that support overall skin well-being. 

  1. Dry Dog Food: Purina Pro Plan Skin & Stomach
  2. Food Sensitivities: Hill’s Prescription Diet Z/D
  3. Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein for Animals
  4. ACANA Singles Diet with Fewer Ingredients
  5. Hill’s Science Diet Skin and Stomach Sensitivity
  6. Hill’s Science Diet Skin and Stomach Sensitivity
  7. Acana Wholesome Grains – Dry Dog Food
  8. Nutro So Simple Adult Dry Dog Food
  9. Iams Advanced Health Healthy Digestion
  10. Natural Balance Dry Dog Food with Few Ingredients
Dry Dog Food: Purina Pro Plan Skin & Stomach

If you’re working with a budget, we recommend Purina Pro Plan Specialized Skin & Stomach Dry Dog Food. The primary ingredient in this formula is turkey. Despite turkey being an unconventional protein source, it can be beneficial for dogs with chicken allergies, as many of them also react to turkey. However, for dogs with chicken allergies, this may not be the ideal choice.

For most dogs, this diet is generally well-suited. The inclusion of fish oil elevates the omega-fatty acid content, and the incorporation of glucosamine promotes joint flexibility and overall wellness, making it particularly advantageous for larger dogs. Even smaller dogs can benefit from the joint supplements provided.

The formula also includes probiotics and prebiotics, essential for overall health and digestion. These components can be particularly helpful for dogs with stomach issues. Despite its affordability compared to other formulas, it stands out as the best dog food for dogs with Pyoderma.

In summary, with turkey as the primary ingredient, and the addition of prebiotics and probiotics, this formula offers a cost-effective solution for dogs with Pyoderma.

  • Turkey as the main ingredient
  • Added fish oil supplement for omega-fatty acids
  • Incorporation of glucosamine for joint health
  • Presence of probiotics and prebiotics for overall health
  • Affordable option for dogs with Pyoderma
  • Not suitable for dogs with chicken allergies
Food Sensitivities: Hill's Prescription Diet Z/D

Hill’s Prescription Diet Z/D is designed for dogs with food  sensitivities. The use of hydrolyzed proteins reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions, promoting a healthy skin barrier. This formula is rich in vitamins C and B, supporting skin and metabolic health. It’s particularly beneficial for dogs with itchy, irritated ears, and the inclusion of only one type of carbohydrate makes it less likely to cause problems for dogs with carbohydrate allergies.

However, due to its lower protein content compared to typical foods and being a prescription-only product, it may not be suitable for all dogs.

  • Hydrolyzed protein for reduced allergy reactions
  • Supports a strong skin barrier
  • Rich in B vitamins and vitamin C
  • Ideal for dogs with Pyoderma and itching ears
  • Single source of carbohydrates
  • May not be suitable for all dogs due to lower protein content and prescription requirement
Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein for Animals

If your dog suffers from severe allergies to most protein sources, Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Hydrolyzed Protein could be the optimal choice. This formula is specifically designed for dogs with profound allergies that could negatively impact their skin, and it requires a prescription. The proteins in this diet undergo hydrolysis, rendering them non-allergenic. The primary protein source is soy, which may not be the most suitable option for every dog but becomes necessary when severe allergies limit choices.

Other components include brewer’s rice as the main ingredient, essentially white rice, and chicken fat is added to increase the fat content without introducing additional protein. The absence of protein in the chicken fat ensures that even dogs reactive to chicken won’t be triggered.

The main objective of this dog food is to provide hydrolyzed protein for dogs with severe allergies.

  • Hydrolyzed protein reduces allergy triggers
  • Specifically designed for digestion and skin issues
  • Not a source of allergies
  • High protein levels
  • Requires a prescription
ACANA Singles Diet with Fewer Ingredients

Despite its premium cost, ACANA Singles Limited Ingredients Diet Beef & Pumpkin is an ideal choice for dogs with Pyoderma stemming from food allergies. It is safe for dogs without beef allergies, as it contains only one animal source: beef. The formula minimizes the inclusion of chemicals, reducing the likelihood of adverse reactions. Starchy vegetables like potatoes and chickpeas provide carbohydrates, with the absence of peas making it suitable for dogs with pea allergies.

This formula includes essential nutrients such as taurine and antioxidants to prevent oxidative damage. The primary protein source is beef, ensuring high absorbability. It is suitable for dogs at all life stages.

  • Single animal source (beef)
  • Inclusion of wholesome vegetables
  • Free of plant proteins and peas
  • Suitable for all life stages
  • Not suitable for dogs with beef allergies
Hill's Science Diet Skin and Stomach Sensitivity

Developed by Dr. Hill, the most effective overall canine food for Pyoderma is the sensitive stomach and skin formula. This diet plan includes beneficial grains like pearled barley and brown rice to support your dog’s digestive tract. Additionally, beet bulbs, serving as a prebiotic fiber source, are included to further enhance digestive health and promote a balanced digestive flora. The high content of vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids in the food contributes to skin and coat health, beneficial for dogs dealing with Pyoderma. The availability of this food is widespread, accessible online and at most veterinary clinics, and does not require a prescription.

However, it’s important to note that the inclusion of chicken makes it less suitable for dogs sensitive to chicken proteins, a common canine allergy.

  • Rich in fiber
  • Presence of prebiotics for intestinal health
  • Supports immunity, healthy digestion, and skin
  • Good source of omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E
  • Non-prescription food
  • Contains chicken
Natural Balance Dry Dog Food with Few Ingredients

For dogs with minor allergies and Pyoderma, consider trying Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Duck & Potato Recipe. This cost-effective option contains fewer ingredients compared to other brands, making it suitable for dogs with allergies.

Duck serves as the main ingredient, offering a protein source uncommon in dog food and less likely to trigger allergies. This makes it an excellent alternative for dogs allergic to common proteins like chicken and beef. The formula is also grain-free, excluding gluten as another potential allergen. Potatoes provide additional carbohydrates, while the absence of peas contributes to its suitability for dogs with allergies.

Flaxseed is included to enhance your dog’s defenses and provide extra omega-fatty acids, beneficial for skin issues. This food is highly recommended for dogs with minor allergies and associated skin problems, and the best part is that it doesn’t require a prescription.

  • Novel ingredients
  • Few components
  • Abundance of omega fatty acids
  • No prescription necessary
  • Grain-free
Acana Wholesome Grains - Dry Dog Food

Acana Wholesome Grains Red Meat & Grains is an alternative to chicken-based proteins, featuring beef, hog, and lamb. This diet is rich in fiber, promoting digestive health, and incorporates nutrient-dense foods like pumpkin and butternut squash to maintain a healthy digestive system, supporting immune and skin health. It also provides essential omega fatty acids and vitamin E for skin health.

While designed to be appealing, some reports suggest that picky eaters may reject this food.

  • Chicken-free
  • Includes whole grains
  • High in fiber and a good source of vitamin E and omega fatty acids
  • Nutrient-rich ingredients promote skin and intestinal health
  • May not be suitable for picky eaters
Nutro So Simple Adult Dry Dog Food

Lookin for the best dog food for pyoderma for your dog? Nutro So Simple Adult Beef & Rice Recipe is formulated with only a few ingredients to provide essential vitamins and nutrients. The simplified composition reduces the likelihood of triggering a response in your dog compared to recipes with more components. Beef is the primary ingredient, and while it has been associated with allergies, the fewer ingredients in this recipe make it suitable for dogs with minor issues. However, dogs with beef allergies should avoid this recipe.

The inclusion of nutritious whole grains alongside beef provides necessary fiber for your dog’s digestive tract, which is particularly beneficial for dogs with digestive issues. Flaxseed is also included, offering a rich source of omega fatty acids.

This food is generally more affordable than other options and doesn’t require a prescription, making it a practical choice for dogs with minor issues.

  • Beef as the main component
  • Includes whole grains
  • More affordable than other choices
  • Contains beef, a common allergen
  • Lower on the list is chicken
Iams Advanced Health Healthy Digestion

Iams Advanced Health Healthy Digestion stands out as one of the most effective canine foods for Pyoderma. With a high fiber content from whole grains and additional prebiotic fiber, it supports digestive health, which in turn promotes immunological and skin health. This diet is a reliable source of protein, aiding active dogs in building or maintaining muscle mass. It also boasts a considerable amount of antioxidants to bolster the immune system. While not a prescription food, many users report that their dogs had no trouble transitioning to it.

However, this food contains chicken, so dogs with chicken protein allergies should avoid it.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Supports the health of the immune and digestive systems
  • Easy transition for most dogs
  • Non-prescription food
  • Contains chicken, unsuitable for dogs with chicken allergies
Natural Balance Dry Dog Food with Few Ingredients

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe is designed to accommodate dogs with allergies. Lamb serves as the sole animal protein source and is often considered a novel protein. While lamb can potentially cause allergies, it is not as commonly used, reducing the likelihood of prior exposure in dogs.

The recipe incorporates brown rice as the primary grain, maintaining a grain-inclusive approach. This not only provides essential nutrients but also contributes fiber, vital for maintaining a healthy digestive system. Dogs with digestive issues may find this diet beneficial.

The absence of soy, gluten, artificial colors, and flavors in this recipe is noteworthy. It eliminates many substances that often pose issues for dogs, making it especially suitable for pets prone to sensitivities.

  • Grain-inclusive
  • Novel protein as the sole source of animal protein
  • No gluten or soy
  • Lacks added probiotics
  • Some inconsistency issues reported

Navigating the realm of dog food can be a daunting task, especially when faced with the myriad options available. The challenge becomes even more intricate when your canine companion is dealing with health issues, such as Pyoderma. However, fret not; choosing the right food for a dog with Pyoderma can be simplified by considering a few key factors.

Not every case of Pyoderma demands an immediate dietary shift, as its origin may not always be linked to food. Nevertheless, Pyoderma often stems from food allergies, manifesting in itching and other symptoms. In such cases, addressing food allergies becomes pivotal, leading to the resolution of Pyoderma. Consultation with your veterinarian can help determine if food allergies are the root cause of your dog’s Pyoderma, and whether additional treatments like antibiotics are necessary.

Now that you’ve identified the role of food allergies in Pyoderma, it’s crucial to pinpoint the specific allergens. Your veterinarian can guide you through this process, usually involving an elimination diet. Dogs develop allergies over time, so if your dog is currently consuming a predominantly chicken-based diet, chances are they may have developed a chicken allergy. Conducting an elimination trial involves discontinuing one ingredient at a time to observe improvements in symptoms. If successful, you’ve identified the allergen; if not, try another ingredient or opt for a food that excludes all components from the previous diet, offering a potential quick fix.


Once you’ve identified the proteins triggering your dog’s allergies, it’s essential to avoid them in their diet. Opt for foods with minimal or limited ingredients, simplifying the process of finding a suitable meal for your furry friend.

While addressing allergies is crucial, it’s equally important to focus on the overall nutritional profile of the dog food. Dogs with underlying health conditions often benefit from a well-balanced diet. Contrary to some advertising, a protein concentration of 20% to 25% is generally sufficient for most dogs, with the possibility of increasing it for more active canines. However, caution is advised against excessive protein intake, as it has been linked to various health issues over time. Choose a diet that meets your dog’s nutritional needs without unnecessarily elevating protein levels.

Exercise caution when considering dog food with a protein percentage exceeding 25%. While protein is essential, an excess may lead to health issues over time. Remember that a well-rounded canine diet includes carbohydrates and fats, providing vital energy sources. Carbohydrates, often budget-friendly, contribute to quick energy. However, some foods may contain excessive carbohydrates, so ensure a balanced intake of protein and fat for your dog’s overall well-being.

Canine Pyoderma is commonly triggered by Staphylococcus pseudintermedius, as per the Merck Veterinary Manual. This bacterial species typically resides on the skin but can lead to illness when it overgrows, particularly in warm, moist areas like armpits, lip folds, and facial folds.

Bacterial overgrowth in Pyoderma often has underlying causes. The primary risk factors for canine Pyoderma include:

  • Environmental sensitivities (atopy)
  • Food intolerance
  • Allergy to fleas
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Cushing’s syndrome
  • High steroid dosages in canines
  • Being aware of these factors and seeking veterinary guidance can aid in managing and preventing canine Pyoderma effectively.

Pyoderma in dogs can manifest through various skin lesions, exhibiting different appearances. Common signs of canine Pyoderma, as noted by veterinarians at VCA Specialty Hospital, include:

  • Pustules (itching pimples)
  • Papules (red lumps)
  • Circular crusts (skin-colored collars)
  • Flaky and dehydrated skin
  • Hair loss
  • Itching
  • Sporadic hair loss
  • Flaming red skin

Pyoderma rarely resolves on its own. Antibiotics play a crucial role in combating bacterial infections like Pyoderma. Seeking veterinary attention is advisable, and oral antibiotics are often recommended by veterinarians for treating bacterial skin infections.

For dogs with Pyoderma linked to food allergies, a limited-ingredient diet is recommended. Avoiding allergens can alleviate symptoms, including Pyoderma. Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Classic Sensitive Skin & Stomach Canned Dog Food is a suggested option, rich in nutrients beneficial for both the stomach and skin. An alternative is Purina Pro Plan Specialized Skin & Stomach Dry Dog Food, offering skin-friendly components like turkey and fish meals. Consider trying these recipes to address your dog’s condition effectively.

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